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Re: Lamictal and Trileptal Ron Hill

Posted by catmint on March 30, 2003, at 15:37:02

In reply to Re: Lamictal and Trileptal catmint, posted by Ron Hill on March 30, 2003, at 9:10:22

> Hmmm. In a small way the emotional blunting sounds similar to what SSRIs do to me. But not the anger.

>Yea, just this morning I was observing how amazing the cherry blossoms looked against the bright sky, just like the painting Van Gogh did. I felt really joyful and immersed in the beauty. I then took my 75 mg. of Lamictal which hits my brain in 15 minutes, and the feelings were completely gone.

> Let me know what happens when you start taking the Trileptal. Why are you waiting? Are you concerned about possible side effects? I'm curious to see if it will help your irritability.

> I'm concerned about mixing two AEDs. Ritch said Trilepal didn't do much for his irritability like Depakote does, and I also liked Depakote for that reason. But who know? We're all different.
I get so stressed out around dinner time, I sometimes am so irritable that I start to blame other people. That causes a fight, etc, etc.

> Yeah, there is no question that stress can trigger scrambled brain chemistry for us BPs. Daily rigorous exercise is the best solution I have found to keep stress in check. I think you have found the same to hold true in your life.

> I have to say, the Lamictal is great for getting me motivated to exercise.

> I bet you are a great Mom. Are you able to keep your BP II irritability in check when interfacing with your child? If this is a problem, are there any support groups available that could help you in this regard?

> Thanks. I do take good care of him, but I can snap at any moment and yell. I never, ever hit him of course, I'm just an angry person to be around a lot.
I am worried about him possibly having a mood disorder when he's grown up. I read somewhere, I think on, that there is a 70% chance that he will if more than one family member is affected. My father is BP1 and who knows if my grandmother was. She sure drank a lot and was pretty irritable from what I remember. Oh, and my son's dad has ADD. So you can see why I'm concerned. On the flip side, I am doing so much more for my son than my parents did for me. I give him and incredibly healthy diet, no soda, food additives, fish oil, and I make him run around the block several times, most everyday. I teach him about self-talk, to challenge that negative voice. He is a sweet, extremely bright boy with an incredibly vivid imagination. We'll see what changes he'll go through during puberty. I am crossing my fingers!

> > Tonight I had 1/2 a beer (I rarely drink) and felt so mellow, not my usual irritable self). Do you think it's ok to drink?
> Two or three beers do the same thing for me, and I love it. Focused, mellow, peaceful, socially outgoing, jovial, etc. But prolonged depression always follows starting the next day. Therefore, I have instituted a zero tolerance policy in my life with regard to alcohol.

> You're wise to not drink. Thanks for the reminder, I too get depressed the next day. I just wish I could find something to ease the irritability. My next experiment is using nervine herbs on a daily basis and see if that helps.

I'm glad to hear that you are still doing well on the Enada NADH.

Talk to you soon,




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