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Re: Request Straterra side effects solutions?

Posted by jrbecker on March 14, 2003, at 12:02:19

In reply to Request Straterra side effects solutions?, posted by Lexxey on March 14, 2003, at 11:26:21

Many people who have taken Strattera definitely notice an appetite decrease, with a milder rebound effect at the end of the day in comparison to the stims, so you won't be running for the fridge. Contrastingly, there is also a minority of individuals who have an increased appetite while on the med. I myself fell into this category, and it is most likely due to exacerbating my atypical symptoms.

Sorry, no advice on the sleep problem. Some have experienced insomnia while on Strattera, but many said that the effect waned over the first few weeks.

As for the constipation, I would recommend a mangesium supplement. Best time to take might be in the morning. In some individuals, it can make you feel sleepy, but it will most likely help to balance out any sense of excitation you get from the strattera. If one dose daily doesn't work, try taking 2-3 doses throughout the day. Magnesium usually works wonders in keeping people regular and gives people more energy as well. A word of warning though, taking too much at once can give you bouts of diarrhea, so start low. Maybe try 150-250mg per dose at first. Taking it at night in combo with calcium might also account for a better night's sleep as well.

Good luck.


> I have read many of the posts on Straterra but couldn't make it thru all of them.
> I am on my 4th day at 40 mg and will take another 40 this pm as my do suggests. I took Ritalin for 19 years very successfully but wanted to try and see if this could help me lose weight. I'm 59 and still 30+ pounds overweight.
> I would like some suggestions for help with sleep problems and constipation.
> Fiber, water, appricots, huge salads, oatmeal, flax seed, yogurt, exercise all don't seem to help and I don't want to take laxitives. Can anyone suggest something safe?[middle aged body is a sluggish pain]
> About the sleep problems...I wonder how this drug mixes with antihistamines like benedryl or Unisom to help. They used to make me sleepy but I thought I would ask first. Has anyone taken zyrtec with it? That usually knocks me out.
> I took Topamax [lost 36 pounds on that...kept it off] for a while and found that these drugs that usually made me sleepy would make me hyper with it so I wanted to get some opinions before trying it. If I was just going to stay home I would stick it out but I am going on vacation in one week and always find it hard to sleep in a different bed even with no meds.
> I also found taking melatonin made me sleepless with the Topamax which felt just like this drug at first. I also lost hair with Topamax and hope it doesn't happen with this. But Topamax had a diuretic effect and washed zinc out of the system, or so I was told, and that could lead to hair problems.
> I really appreciate all the info here after being referred by someone who reads it.




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