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Re: WHERE to begin (hard to deal with SUCH ignorance!) titleistguy

Posted by Bipolarsux on February 14, 2003, at 2:29:08

In reply to WHERE to begin (hard to deal with SUCH ignorance!), posted by titleistguy on February 13, 2003, at 19:32:05

Chill out dude! I'm fairly new to this site but I see there is a religious discussion board. You might find a more receptive audience there.


> Hello everyone, I'll try to address EACH of your specific replies.
> 1) For "megg":
> -I have absolutely NO "faith issues", in fact Jesus Christ is the ONLY thing on the face of this planet that I'm 100% SURE about!!!!!!!!!!!
> -"Religious delusions". . . that's PRICELESS!!! Hey everybody, I've got an idea. . . let's just ALL "pop" 20 pills a day, "whaddaya-say"???!!!!
> (LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
> 2) For "bipolarsux":
> -You say you want "a cure", but from WHAT????????? I mean, seriously, do you honestly think you suffer IMMENSELY more than other "healthy" people????? Just because EVERYONE doesn't have a mental-illness does NOT mean they do not SUFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Let me ask you THIS: would you rather be Bipolar, or BLIND & DEAF???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
> -You say you want your "love of this life back", well, let me tell you this: Jesus said, "Whoever LOVES his life will most CERTAINLY LOSE it!" (So, consider yourself BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
> -You say that I shouldn't "tempt" the LORD, because he may call for my death (I realize you were being facetious, but I can use your crappy sense of humor to illustrate ANOTHER point!): As "masochistic" as you may think this is, I REJOICE when I get to drink of the LORD's cup. . . even if that means till DEATH (after all, martyrs will be the MOST richly rewarded in the life to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
> -You say, "Who cares about eternity?" Well, my friend, you certainly will when you're in the UNQUENCHABLE FIRES of HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> -You know what ANGERS me the MOST? People who have NEVER read the Holy Bible, and CRITICIZE Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John 3:16 reads, "For God so loved the world that He gave his ONLY BEGOTTEN SON so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have EVERLASTING life!"
> Could you even IMAGINE watching YOUR OWN son be BEATEN, TORTURED, FALSELY-ACCUSED, SPIT-ON, and KILLED. . . and then have people like YOU not even APPRECIATE what He did??????
> (And people have the AUDACITY to ask, "Why does God let people go to Hell?". . . for EXACTLY THAT REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
> -Finally, I NEVER said that I thought Ozzy Osbourne was a "bad" guy, in fact, I actually happen to LIKE Ozzy!!! He's a LOVING, CARING, LOYAL, and COMPASSIONATE father & husband. . . unfortunately, my point was, in his YOUNGER days he was a COMPLETE FOOL for doing all the drugs that he did!!!!!!!!! (And, in my comparison between SOME of you [Not ALL, just people that "abuse" prescription pills, instead of REALLY FACING your problems; Bipolar actually FITS my criteria for USING the pills, so don't take this personally!] & Ozzy, I was simply trying to convey to you all (who DON'T seem to "get it"!) DRUGS IS DRUGS IS DRUGS DRUGS IS DRUGS IS DRUGS DRUGS IS DRUGS IS DRUGS DRUGS IS DRUGS IS DRUGS DRUGS IS DRUGS IS DRUGS DRUGS IS DRUGS IS DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> In the end, it doesn't matter WHO prescribed them to you, or for WHAT "noble purpose". . . you're STILL going to FRY your FRIGGIN' BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Just like Ozzy!)
> 3) For "rainee":
> -You say I'm "hiding behind the LORD". . . well. . . isn't that what HE WANTS US TO DO????????????????????????
> -You say I need a "pill for anger". . . well, considering ANGER (as well as HAPPINESS, SADNESS, JOY, BOREDOM, etc.!!!) is a NORMAL human emotion. . . I think I'll pass!!!!!!! (You, on the other hand, could use a "pill", for: TAKING TOO MANY DAMN PILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
> -I'll say one thing for you: I have been known to "chuck a few clubs" on the course (but then, so do Sergio & Tiger, so I think I'mn in pretty GOOD company, wouldn't you say?????????????!!!!!!!!)
> 4) For "cosis":
> -You say that "I NEED PILLS" (lol!): I'm going to CONGRATULATE YOU. . . you've discovered PRECISELY the reason Jesus came to Earth WHEN He did!!!!!!! (Could you IMAGINE a guy claiming to be "in very essence God", and NOT being "drugged to the rafters" in our society today???????????)
> 5) For "Rayww":
> -Yes I do, in fact, know someone (whom I love VERY much!) that uses pills to "hide behind" instead of facing her problems!!! (And SHE'S PRECISELY my MOTIVATION for posting to YOU ALL in the first place!!!!!!!! It absolutely SICKENS ME to see what SOME of you people are DOING to yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
> -As for "fixing life's problems", Jesus never promised we'd have a "problem-free life" if we followed Him. . . but He DOES promise that (a) He'll only test us with what WE'RE CAPABLE of handling, and (b) His GRACE will see us through ANY SITUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> -As for you telling me to be "calm like Christ", I think you're SADLY MISTAKEN about Jesus' VERY NATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Jesus came to Earth, He said himself, he did NOT come to bring "Peace on Earth" but, rather, "to drive a sword in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", He says that a Christian will suffer MUCH for His name, but it's still FAR better than the "alternative".
> (Also, many Theologians AGREE, that Jesus would have been VERY animated in His dealings with people. . . He was VERY passionate about his "religion" [more like, His KINGDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!]). Finally, Christ was ANGERED MANY TIMES (remember the people who were using the Temple as a local "supermarket". . . Jesus THREW THEIR GOODS ON THE GROUND AND CHASSTISED THEIR BLASPHEMOUS WAYS!!!!!!!!!!!)
> ***Anger is NOT a sin, unless it MANIFESTS itself in a SINFUL MANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***
> - I was NOT being "derogatory" in my remarks to the "pill poppers" on this board just REALISTIC. . . it's like the old saying goes, "The TRUTH HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
> Finally, this goes to EVERYONE, believe it or not, I ONLY wrote this message (and the one prior) to HELP some of you "discover the TRUE MEANING of LIFE. . . JESUS CHRIST. . . NOT Psychotropic medications!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> God Bless you all, and I hope AT LEAST ONE of you will develop a true, lasting, and PERSONAL relationship with Jesus Christ as a result of this posting (and, TRUST ME, you'll find yourself needing "less & less" ("so-called") "medication"!!!)
> -Sean




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