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Re: racing thoughts/anxiety(methadone) » BrittPark

Posted by JahL on January 8, 2003, at 19:00:39

In reply to Re: Zyprexa for racing thoughts/anxiety(methadone) » JahL, posted by BrittPark on January 7, 2003, at 16:29:14

> > I won't win any popularity contests for this but I use low - dose (5mg/d) Methadone for irritability. Helps a bit, as well as giving me a little more energy.
> >
> > J.
> <rant>
> You're popular in my book

Why thank you. Always nice to meet a non-opiophobe.

> (so's your doctor).

Er...let's just say it's not my doc who prescribes it (tho' he knows about it & doesn't have a major problem with it). I'm UK & have been told that the ONLY way I'll get any Meth, which legitimately helps my condition and which has not caused me to increase the dose (5 poxy mg) in the 15 months I've been taking it, is to become a fully fledged heroin addict. Kinda perverse, huh? (as is the fact that it's easier to score the latter than the former). BTW I'm not an ex-user (not that it would be a problem if I was).

> If there were an opioid that didn't cause tolerance and an amphetamine that didn't cause tolerance, I think that we would be able to successfully treat 99% of depressions.

I don't doubt it. Have you read about the co. which is developing, I think, an Oxycodone/Naltrexone combination drug, designed to resist tolerance in the patient?

> BTW I have been taking 1 5/500 vicodin every evening for more than a year now and it has helped significantly in treating my depression and anxiety. If I could take more without developing tolerance I would.

From my yrs of perusing this board, Vic seems to be the ope least likely to induce tolerance, provided considerable restraint is exercised. I was recently prescribed Codeine tabs by my pdoc, whose interest was piqued by some 'positive' Babble posts (thanx Shelli & co.!) I showed him (& fair play to him).

Unfortunately they didn't help at all and there's no way of (legally) getting the chance to try anything more potent (NOTE to anyone: I'm only messing with opes b/c I've already got thru about 50 convential psych meds, with only limited success. K?K.)

If ever I feel adventurous (I once flew to the States to try pstims - which did nowt) I guess it would be Vic I search out.

Apparently, the "hill-billy heroin" phenomenon (black mkt Oxy) has hit Britain, Bristol (UK west coast) specifically. Better get myself over to Bristol then... ;-)

> Apologies for the rant but I make it a policy to bring this subject up whenever there is the slightest opportunity ;)

Rant away. You're talking to the RantMaster. No emotions + angry youngish man syndrome + foul mouth = Rantsville UK. It's one of the reasons I don't post much anymore. Too prone to ranting/argument. And the subject of opioids always seems to attract a lot of argument...just not with me this time...





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