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pregnancy and meds

Posted by Kar on January 7, 2003, at 7:30:04

In reply to Re: Could be pregnant should I stop meds?, posted by Noa on January 5, 2003, at 9:24:58

Noelle- that's scary, huh? Are you experiencing any pregnany-related symptoms? Please let us know what your doc said. I've taken many a pregnancy test before while on meds and it's so worrisome to think that you might be. I can't help ya with the drugs you're on, though...don't know enough...

Noa- Maybe I should've started a new thread...Mind telling me what else you're on? We're going through a similar thing. I'm going to go see a high-risk Ob/gyn soon who apparently has lots of experience with psychoactive drugs and pregnancy. Thanks for the book title though. I'll check it out. We're in the process of switching my meds around a bit to the less damaging ones but I'm really worried about Trileptal and lamictal. i know the chances of birth defects are definitely higher with 2 mood stabilizers...we'd cut it to one and maybe even then go to a safer one...

>depressed mid-pregnancy, after 1st trimester, I could go back on the meds--
Yeah that's what my pdoc said too. but what about pre-pregnancy? it freaks me out to think that I could be really low just while trying to get pregnant (and if I am then I won't want to have sex anyway!)

I'm really torn here. I don't want to have a baby and then not be able to take care of it, you know? We've considered's still an option I guess but I would really like to have a baby.

>could my kid turn out with learning disabilties, ADHD, etc.?
I see that we're both worry warts! Re: the language disorders, ADD, etc...God, you'd never know really what might cause them. Even if they've studied that (have they?), there's nothing to say that a wee one wouldn't have one of those disorders anyway (without a mom on meds, i mean). I'm a speech therapist and work with babies. Parents always want to know what they did wrong. How they could've prevented it...we don't know any of this stuff yet. We know that there's a much higher incidence of these things if it's been familial, but. Well, we're jumping ahead, aren't we? I know, can't help it. neither can I.

In vitro- hmm...I haven't heard this mentioned yet. I will mention it to this specialist guy that I'm seeing. oH sorry- I just read the rest of your post and the fertility part.

Have you startedd taking prenatal vitamins? I've been taking Folic acid for a while but also started with the others. Altho I compard them to my multivitamin and there are hardly any differences. iron and some of the B vitamins I think.

How close are you guys to doing this? i have some links to studies from NIH about drugs and pregnany if you're interested. i have a friend down there who's a geneticist/pediatrician. I actually haven't checked out the links yet. I'm getting weary of reading all of these studies. i think I'm going to have to have faith in my docs. Be well informed but not obsess about more and more studies...




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