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Re:Supplements and regulated sleep program HannahBeGood

Posted by bluedog on December 22, 2002, at 10:28:40

In reply to Re: More Trivia - Beardy,Shelli,and Bluedog, posted by HannahBeGood on December 22, 2002, at 4:16:58

> Thanks for the 'supplemental' tips. I do not eat regular, well-balanced meals~I graze~

There is nothing wrong with grazing as long as over the course of the day the foods you graze on add up to a relatively balanced diet providing you with all the necessary nutrients you need to keep you going.

>I've had 'food apathy' for sev'l mos, but I really do need to start doing all those real-life get off your rear things (eating well, taking vits, exercising regularly)

For me all of the above things were the relatively easy part, just don't try to do to much at once. What I did was change to change only ONE bad habit at a time until it became a natural part of my routine!! Do any more and you'll overwhelm yourself and just end up feeling worse. This was a long hard lesson for me to learn.

>& HELLO Hannah, developing a better regulated sleep program! It's 3;55 a.m. my time~if I ever want to truly recover, work again etc, etc, etc...

Now this is a COMPLETELY different matter altogether and is the part of my routine that I find the hardest to discipline myself on. In fact the more depressed I get the later I tend to go to bed. For some reason my brain chemicals finally seem to stabilise between 3.00am to 4.00am in the morning and all of a sudden I'm feeling OK and even able to concentrate on rather complicated principles and concepts that I can't seem to do at any other time.

Last week was my first week back at work after a 4 month sick leave period and within two days I became so severely depressed that I ended up going to bed at 4.00am twice during the week and the earliest I got to bed during the week was 1.30am. I am certain that this played the major role in my coming down with a viral infection by Friday and I had to call in sick in my first week back (with a feeling of enormous guilt because I know that my Human Resources Manager has NIL understanding or sympathy for sufferers of depression and I hate to think what he is thinking about me)

Anyway it's now midnight where I live and I'm going "bite the bullet" and exercise some discipline and I am now signing off for the night to go to bed a bit earlier for once!!!!! I hope it will have a positive effect on my mood and concentration at work tomorrow. :).

> I am going to check out the supplements. But, I sure wish I cd. find most everything I need in one combination, and simply add to, as needed.

Don't get too stressed about the supplement thingy as this will create more anxiety and confusion than you probably need. There are some basic things which I personally believe will help almost everyone's general well being but there is no need to go overboard. I went through a period where I became absolutely obsessed about this supplement thingy and it made me so anxious that I literally got sick worrying too much about taking the right or perfect combinations of supplements. This is why I am currently re-assessing my entire supplement plan and to rationalise my plan to the basic essentials only and to only add extra supplements when I experience specific problems or symptoms.

I am not going to push any supplement advice onto you but if you really want my opinion I will be more than happy to give you some basic advice. I know that Larry Hoover and IsoM will also be able to give you some good, balanced and non-biased advice on supplements. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ASK and then you can pick and choose from the advice that is given and choose the supplements that your "gut feelings" (and your budget) tell you will be right for you. By the way I think the advice that I would give you would in all probability be pretty similar to the advice that Larry Hoover and IsoM will be able to give you but of course there will individual differences because we are all different.
> I see Beardy gave you the exact I was going send u tonight-thank you Beardy. I haven't seen much of his work in several years (been SOOOOOOOOO involved w/family, birth, deaths, my on mounting illness which finally spilled over my home-made dams) and I like his color-play, dogs are my great love and his bluedog certainly does have that 'look in his eye' that I have felt many a time. (Like 'how did I get here? am I having fun? is this real or am I just a dream or, maybe, some silly character someone doodled out & then ruthlessly exposed me to the multitudes? And, I'm, like, paralyzed or something, why can't I just walk out of this lttle, bitty box...?
> EVERYBODY is lookin' at me, and they're staring...that is so rude; or maybe I really am the magnificent blue creature I always thought I was, and they can't take there eyes off me...errr, NO, too weird...Something's just a bit off here, not good,eeeeeeeeeee, I think I'm freakin' here...!)
> Glad u liked 'em~I GOTTA turn in~

Thanks again HBG for the info on the Blue Dog art. Like I said I LOVE it :) :).

warm regards




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