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Re: Is there a medical term for AD poop-out? ItsHowdyDudyTime

Posted by Geezer on November 29, 2002, at 16:51:18

In reply to Re: Is there a medical term for AD poop-out?, posted by ItsHowdyDudyTime on November 29, 2002, at 14:57:43

> > Hi Howdy,
> >
> > First, thanks for your response to my question above about the Parnate - I will buy the book. You are probably "right on" with your assessment. I think you made the point in an earlier post that the right course of treatment for TRD is ECT and/or MAOIs, I believe you are correct on that point as well (I am just having a difficult time with Parnate)....for REAL TRD people to go from one SSRI to the next is total nonsense.
> >
> > Where I agree with you the most is your point about the total lack of SCIENCE (PET scans and SPEC scans prove nothing) and lack of caring as to why drugs don't work in the field of psychiatry. I suppose the first clue that there is a lacking in the scientific area is the total inability to make an accurate DX...I have been diagnosed, missdiagnosed, and rediagnosed in the past year. After spending 30 years in the medical business I am of the belief that proper treatment follows a correct DX. When psychiatry comes up with some meaningful blood tests, some clue about genetic markers, and a few intra-cellular ADs, and some ANSWERS then maybe we will see some progress. Until that time I think I will try to work with my family doc.
> >
> > Just curious.....are you old enough to remember Howdy Doody?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Geezer
> Hi Geezer, I agree with everything you said. Im not an expert on SPECT and PET scans but how come you say these scans prove nothing? I was under the understanding these scans are showing the "functional" conditions of our brains when mentally ill. Could you please explain what you mean? I am interested in this subject. Psychiatry has historically been full of quackery and I certainly hope functional neuroimaging doesnt turn out to be another dead end area of psychiatry research.
> As far as Howdy Doody, no I am a youngster, well relatively. Howdy Doody was long off TV when I was born. However it was my Dad's favorite TV show when he was a kid and he talks about it sometimes. I picked it to kind of describe how I perceive psychiatry...kind of like "hey...its Howdy Doody time" as in psychiatry is a big fucking joke.
> Howdy Doody

Hi Howdy,

I am no expert on SPEC scans or PET scans either. SPEC scans, as I understand the basic concept, has to do with blood flow to various areas of the brain while PET imaging provides color coding for temperature variations in the brain. I don't see either test taking us any closer to a neurologic understanding of the illness nor do I see inspiration leading to more effective psyc. drugs. Recent postmortem studies on the brain tissue of depressed suicide patients has proven high intensity MRI is unable to detect neurologic abnormalities prior to death. Even if we can SEE the problem - what then? The FDA makes it all but impossible to introduce "brake through drugs" so where is the drug companies incentive to take the risk when they can simply "split isomers" on what already exists?

Your closing comment brought laughter until I had tears running down my cheeks.....all to true. We will both receive a reprimand for this one. You tell your Dad I remember Howdy Doody, Clarabell the clown, and Buffalo Bob Smith (that's about all I remember after the ECT), and I think of the show every time I walk into the pdocs office - what a joke!

I have had correspondence with E. Fuller Torrey - he is right.....I was part of a Stanley Foundation Study last year (he was director for 10 centers world wide, he has now defunded all 10 centers and put all the funding in research....if we have hope HE IS IT).

Good Luck





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