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Re: thanks Larry Hoover

Posted by rayww on November 17, 2002, at 11:48:23

In reply to Re: thanks, posted by Larry Hoover on November 17, 2002, at 8:13:54

notwithstanding, there is enough of the snake-oil shysterism surrounding this particular outfit to give you the willies. They make health-care claims that are unsubstantiated, rely on medical evidence from unqualified personnel, sell a medication that is not regulated in any respect, and make a lot of money in the process.

Please keep in mind, there is big money opposing Truehope - Synergy - EMPower on every turn. In the game of dodge ball you sometimes make a wrong turn, but you get back up and try again. These are little guys who know their product works, and who want to help others. In order to keep their company alive they have to make money. If they are able to stay alive long enough to help others also stay alive long enough there may be a chance that their product will be recognized and paid for by health insurance.

In my understanding, Truehope has charitable status in order to give those who cannot afford their product the opportunity to be helped by others. This isn't a claim to health care, rather to charity through the generosity of others. This company is struggling to get off the ground. They seek acceptance and recognition by the industry.

You are very right when you say this is not a diet substitute. So, why don't we all eat plenty of whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables? Because then we would have to grow them ourselves, preserve them, cook them, grind them, keep the preservatives and pesticides out of them, raise them, kill them, butcher them. Until we are able to do that, there is a need for nutritional balance. I mean how much anti-freeze (ice cream) and propane (non stick sprays) are we willing to injest to keep our motors running?

We kill our brain cells and then try to fix the consequenses. Spiraling down, down, down. I think we all agree that good nutrition and exercise gets us on the spiral going up. Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, and Water. It all makes sense. These guys just happened to get it right.

Oh, my, I do know of a horror story concerning EmPower and another popular vitamin company. A person was doing well on EMPower, better than ever before, and a sales person from a popular vitamin company told her that if EMPower could help her with no scientific research to back it, this other product would be superior. It didn't work. She is dead. By the time EmPower tried to help her get it back, she couldn't even remember taking it in the first place and refused to go back to EMPower. She went downhill fast on the better known supplement. Yet, my husband takes that same popular supplement and it works wonders on his diabetes and congestion problems.

We can all research both sides of the controversy right here on the Internet. We must be free to draw our own conclusions based on our own understanding coupled with trusted advice from those who know.

Quackery exists, but also large pharmaceutical companies, desperate to not have their cookies crumble. The way the world sees medicine is taking on new colors. Nutrition was always there in its brilliance, it was just dulled, greyed, and pushed aside by popular fads.




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