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Re: I need help w/ diagnosis-Brandymac

Posted by Emmeline on November 6, 2002, at 20:58:11

In reply to Re: I need help w/ diagnosis Emmeline, posted by Brandymac26 on November 6, 2002, at 20:21:09

You wrote:
> > I have to tell you, i was thinking that i could possibly have ocd. I have been this way (like cleaning the house, rechecking the mailbox to make sure the mail I put in it is still in there) for as long as i can remember!>>

These are classic OCD symptoms. I have panic disorder, OCD, and depression, and while my OCD doesn't manifest itself in overt ways anymore, I used to be a "checker"; you know, checking to make sure I unplugged things, turned the oven off, turned the alarm on, etc.

<<Also, i have had panic attacks, gad, and depression for a while as well, actually, i remember feeling like this as a child.>>

I also had all of my disorders (but to a lesser degree) as a child.

<<But what scares me is the cyclothymia. I dont know much about it other than what you said about it being a milder form of bi polar disorder.>>

Here's an example of cyclothymia: I have a cousin. We'll call her "Cousin". When cousin visits me, it's like being with Jeckyll and Hyde. One second, she's in a great mood; not manic, but simply happy and content. The next thing I know, in the blink of an eye, she's gone from happy (normal happy) to the Grinch. Everything is miserable. She scowls, complains about the movie we rented (despite the fact that she's the one who picked it out), and is generally "blah". In a few minutes, Cousin is happy again. But like I said, I only mentioned cyclothymia because you mentioned mood swings and were searching for a diagnosis other than your GAD, panic disorder, and depression.

<<What I'm wondering is if ssri's are effective for OCD(which i could and probobly do have), and gad. My panic attacks are almost gone since taking the lexapro(believe it or not-i sure couldnt b/c no other ssri helped my anxiety)and I notice i dont obsess over stupid stuff when i'm on med's, but oddly enough my depression only seems to get a little better. It's like my anxiety is better on lexapro, my gad, and obsessive thoughts get a lot better on any ssri's, but my depression only seems to get a little better no matter what ssri I take. It's

I'm sure you've heard this before, but everyone reacts to and tolerates different medications differently. I know someone who takes Zoloft for panic disorder, OCD, and depression; it does the trick for her. Other people may do better with a different medication or a combination of medications; it's trial and error. I know that the Imipramine I take was invented in the dark ages, but it's what works for me; it's also used to treat panic disorder, OCD, and depression. Have you ever added buspar to any of your medications? It's essentially a burst of serotonin and lasts for approximately 6 hours. It's given for anxiety disorders, but I'm curious as to what the extra serotonin might be able to do for your depression. Just a thought. Once again, thanks so much for your previous advice. It's my pleasure to help you in any way that I can. At your next appointment, make sure to bring up your concerns about diagnoses and meds. Take care! Em :-)




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