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Re: New to MAOIs

Posted by jsarirose on October 11, 2002, at 19:12:09

In reply to New to MAOIs, posted by eln on October 11, 2002, at 16:40:23

> 1. He suggested that I get a medic alert-type bracelet. I want to get a remotely fashionable one, so I need to get it inscribed with a short description rather than a phone number to call.
> What should I have engraved on it? (I have 36 characters)
> 2. There are a few foods which I am not sure are "safe" at all or not:
> - pickles (Kosher dill)
> - Campbell's soup
> - Malt beverages (like Skyy Blue, Smirnoff Ice)
> - Thai food (curries)
> - Aspartame (like in Diet Coke)
> - Vegetarian frozen products (Morningstar Farms products)
> 3. Which "emergency" medication/s should I ask for? Should I also ask for pain medication in case of a severe migraine?
> Thanks in advance,
> E
Okay - I'll go first. : )

1. I don't know. I keep a slip of paper in my wallet on the hunch that if I'm in an accident and can't communicate they'll check for ID and find the paper. It lists all my current meds, the dosage, which pills I will have taken in a hypertensive crisis, and my psychiatrist's phone number.

Pickles - just fine (& yummy!)

Campbell's Soup - depends, check for autolyzed yeast in the ingredients and any obvious taboo's (cheese, etc.)

Bottled (as opposed to tap) malt beverages - Fine. You may want to stick to larger companies (like those you mentioned) and not tiny local breweries. Also, it is considered a moderate item, meaning I wouldn't recommend a whole ton of beer or malt beverage. Although several people on this list have had a fair amount with no ill effects (including me). Parnate tends to make me more sensitive to alcohol as well. I get much more of an effect from less alcohol, so be careful the first time you drink. I don't know if other people have had the same tolerance reaction.

Thai Food - be careful, make sure you know what's in it, or at least ask about the amount of soy sauce, whether it contains fermented soy or tempeh, and if it contains any fish or shrimp paste. I eat Asian foods, but try to stick to more obvious items unless the waitperson has a good grasp of English and I can ask them about ingredients. Curry itself is just fine if you're talking about cumin & coriander, which are the main ingredients. You may want to pick up a bottle at the store and check the ingredients, I would guess it's just fine.

Aspartame - no problem

Vegetarian Frozen Products - again, you need to check for autolyzed yeast, marmite, or any obvious taboo foods. I've had better luck with the vegetarian, organic, or more natural foods. The general ones such as Budget Gourmet, etc. tend to contain autolyzed yeast.

And a final point about autolyzed yeast. It's listed as not allowable, but I have eaten some products that contain it with no adverse effects. My guess is the amount is so tiny that it's okay - but I don't eat it any more because I really don't want to trigger an episode. So I stick to the list (newer).

3. There are many pills that people use. My personal favorite is the one my doctor gave me because it is safe to take even if your blood pressure isn't spiking. It's not always possible to take your blood pressure when you're in the middle of an attack. I take Chlorpromazine (Thorazine). It will bring down my blood pressure if it's elevated, but if it's not elevated it still helps alleviate my migraine. It does make you tired for a day or two. And I also tend to feel dizzy for a day or two. I'm not sure if those symptoms are from the Thorazine or the crisis though. I only have to take one pill. I keep one with me in my wallet, one in my car, and a few at home. I also take 1/2 to a whole Oxycodone. I have these left over from surgery though, I don't know if my doctor would prescribe some or not. The pain of migraine is so intense that the Oxycodone really helps. I've had three attacks so far in about a year. The first two were early on due to eating mistakes. I don't think my blood pressure elevated but I did get an intense migraine. The third was recent (and totally my fault, I had beer on tap knowing better), my blood pressure definitely spiked as I became sweaty, nauseas and dizzy. I took my pill immediately as I recognized the onset of symptoms and it was my most mild migraine. Then I'm just left with being tired, dizzy, and mildly headachy.

I don't want to scare you with my descriptions of the attacks - if you're careful you should be able to avoid them. And if you make a mistake, it won't last forever. I never had to go to the hospital, I never saw my doctor, I just took my emergency pill and rested at home. Some of the other pills are more serious and are only okay if your blood pressure is spiking. Also some require you to go to the hospital. I think this is unnecessary.

Well, good luck. Feel free to email if you need moral support or have more questions.

-Jessica (




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