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Re: Update Shelli/elizabeth Lorraine

Posted by katie tkm on September 23, 2002, at 7:13:19

In reply to Re: Update Shelli/elizabeth, posted by Lorraine on August 23, 2001, at 22:41:08

hi lorraine

this is a pretty old thread so i realise i may not be able to contact you.

i'm really interested it the "psyichiatric annals" you mention but have not been able to find the journal.

i'm in australia.

could you please let me know how to find these articles?

regards and goodluck

Hi Shelli & elizabeth:
> I saw my pdoc today and he thought the headaches were probably rebound (elizabeth, isn't this what you said--take a bow) because I take my doses before noon to try to ameliorate the sleeping problems. The rash, he wasn't so sure about. (I had been painting wearing latex gloves and using turpentine--so maybe this caused the rash.) We decided for me to watch myself over the next few days staying on the Parnate. If I wake up with a headache, I'm to take my blood pressure. And, I will see if the rash goes away or not. If I decide to abandon the Parnate, I will have a 4-5 day washout during which I can use the Adderal and Neurontin. He wrote me a script for Nardil in case I make the switch and asked me to call his office and let them know what I am doing.
> elizabeth: The MAO articles that I was talking about are in Psychiatric Annals 31:6/June 2001. Apparently, the entire issue is dedicated to MAOs. The titles include: "The Use of Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors for Treating Atypical Depression" by Patrick J. McGrath et al; A Neurochemical Perspective on Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors by Lynn Wecker et al; A Reevaluation of Dietary Restrictions for Irreversible Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors by Kenneth Shulman et al; Selegiline and other Atypical Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors in Depression by J. Alexander Bodkin et al; and Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors Revisited by Jay D. Amsterdam et al.
> I have finished the first article regarding MAOs for atypical depression and found it very interesting. They give the DSM definition of atypical depression as well as the Columbia University and discuss studies correlating the criteria specified for atypical depression with efficacy of antidepressants. Very interesting stuff. Let me know if you have difficulty obtaining the studies. I know you would find them of interest--if you haven't already read them :-)
> I spoke with my pdoc about upregulation and downregulation and asked him if this was his terminology or used in some area of study. It's his. He finds it descriptive of what is happening on an EEG basis. Downregulated is correlated with low voltage EEG's.
> We also talked about Adderal and stopping hair picking and he said that he believes that a lot of symptoms are compensatory. Just as in ADD, kids may pick a fight to provide external stimulation to compensate for the lack of internal stimulation. So that it seems at first glance counterintuitive that ADD kids calm down when they are given stimulants, it makes sense if you view the excess activity as a compensatory mechanism for an understimulated system that is no longer required when stimulants are given. The same he believes may hold true for this woman who was a hair picker and stopped when given Adderal or for my stopping biting my cuticles on Adderal. Interesting thought.
> Pleasant dreams to those who are still capable of dreaming (she said bitterly).
> Lorraine




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