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Re: bacon and eating out

Posted by jsarirose on September 22, 2002, at 16:46:30

In reply to bacon and eating out Bobbiedobbs, posted by katie tkm on September 22, 2002, at 16:28:52

> aha! finally i've found some brand info on which soy sauce are ok - thanks bobbiedobbs. do you know where i can get any more information on specific brands etc? i've found the shulman write-ups but not a complete report on brands tested.
> also, i'm really surprised no diets mention bacon. it's smoked, but so is the sometimes safe sliced ham. can you eat it safely?
> does anyone else have the same problems finding foods to eat out that i do and how do you get around it? i love asian food (vietnamese, chinese etc) and this seems like a definite no-no. i also find the idea of never having any sauces, gravies or soups hard to take.
> i read in the shulman report that chicken and beef boullion seem to be ok. this is in direct opposition to other diets. does this mean i can actually use stock cubes. anybody else's expereience and knowledge would be great to know.
> thanks,
> katie

Bacon is a little tricky because most, regular bacon is just fine. It's the aged bacon that can cause a problem. So something like proscuitto, pancetta, aged/smoked bacon, etc. would not be allowed. I've eaten regular, cheap bacon with no problems.

Boullion is not inherently taboo. It's the autolyzed yeast that many cheaper brands have that's the problem. I eat out fairly often. And I don't worry about gravies and sauces as long as I know the basic ingredients. The amount of autolyzed yeast in boullion and then used in sauces is so tiny it shouldn't make a difference. I'm more wary with foreign restaurants, especially Asian. Unless I know the ingredients or the server knows english well enough for me to have a good discussion about ingredients, I stay away from it. I do eat sauces with soy sauce in it, but I don't add any extra. That may be living a little dangerously as soy sauce types vary. But I've never had a problem with soy sauce, and my understanding is that it's okay in limited amounts (at least according to the diets I've seen).

When you see contradicting information, always look at the date of the study. They are continually updating the lists and allowing more foods. Anything prior to 1996 is especially suspect as they did a major overhaul after that.

Have you seen the very latest list with actual tyramine amounts? Check out:





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