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Re: L-tyrosine for stim-induced dopamine depletion

Posted by oracle on August 22, 2002, at 23:30:47

In reply to Re: L-tyrosine for stim-induced dopamine depletion oracle, posted by Jerrympls on August 22, 2002, at 22:39:51

> Hmm. Interesting. I feel - and please correct me if I am mistaken - as if you interpreted my message as some sort of challenge. Perhaps I should have been more basic - If a depletion of dopamine does not occur, what accounts for the tolerance? It is well known that stimulants release NE and dopamine. Would you agree?

Yes and there is plenty to go around, if you do not over do it.

I have not fully researched this as well as you have, but I would theorize that tolerance comes from post-synaptic downregulation among other events. What have you found while researching this?

Tolerance to amphetamines resolves quickly (days)
but does not happen at the normal doses perscribed, in most. This accounts for most
finding a dose and not needing to raise it.
Downregulation happens later, it is the at once
release of NE (more so) and dopamine (less so)
that accounts of the almost at once effectiveness
of amphetamines. The whole balence of neurology
is changed at once, instead of slowly, as in AD's.

> Also, if I understand you correctly, because I have had a psychiatrist tell me he won't prescribe stimulants because "they cause receptor burn out" and/or "I'll lose my license.." that means - most likely - that I am an amphetamine junkie?

Sorry, you are way off the mark here. Your doc and I are saying totally the oppsite things. You cannot add the 2 together and come up with a true statement. But, speaking of true statements:

1) "I'll lose my license.."
Come one ! Lots of doc's perscribe stims
and still have their DEA number. You have
clearly been lied to. (if in the states)

2) "they cause receptor burn out"
Really ? I have been on 30 mgs Dex for 10
years, no tolerance, no burn out. And so have
many ADD'ers. I can go on and off Dex as a please
with 0 effects. (thanks to my HMO, I do this
too often !)

JFK got us through the Cuban Missle Crisis
on meth.




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