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Re: depression and antibiotics

Posted by missliz on August 4, 2002, at 1:21:18

In reply to Re: depression and antibiotics, posted by marushkah on August 3, 2002, at 12:18:26

I get the same thing, as does my grandmother. I'll throw you some crumbs, the only ones I have.
Long term anti biotic use without an actual infection will kill you.
The good news- Nardil (an MAOI) is manufactured from antibiotics. It completely changed my life. Loved it. Look into it.
There is new hard research by the medicine guys that connects anxiety and immune system response. They isolated the chemistry involved, and connected anx/depression to cardiac disease and asthma as well as chronic infection like sinusitus. Wait- that may be another article. My medicine doctor is interested in this stuff and confirms what I've read- apparently this isn't really a somitazation thing as a larger understanding of how stress affects health and there's no stress like anxiety disorder. Go to and look around in the archives. You'll have to register, but it's a cool psych web zine to bookmark.
Lastly- I switched pdocs from one who wouldn't treat my anxiety properly (a hack) to a big shot med school psych dept chairman. The new guy is cheaper which I find kind of hilarious, and his attitude is,"Well, what kind of benzos do you like?" I'm actually sick a lot less often now and function so much better with good anxiety control. We got intothe mood stabilizers, too, and that helps the anxiety sick all the time thing.Benzos aren't hard to get, just hard to get from some psychiatrists.
I doubt your missing link is streph throat. Even low grade infections of that nature show intermitent symptoms It's a more complex bit of metabolic chemistry related to the nature of anxiety disorder. When on a macrolide I always felt augmented, or propped up. Considering that we know anx/dep trashes the immune system I bet a lot of people will recognize what you've described.
If you've read any Deepak Chopra (an MD into other forms of medicine as well) he mentions that the same stuff as makes up our brains is spread throughtout our bodies, undermining the old Aristotlean idea that mind and body are completely separate. The two are totally integrated. Add in that what we're told are depressive symptoms are often actually anxiety disorder (many psydocs can't differentiate the two, it's slippery) and you have a nice pile of puzzle peices to mull over.
Hope I helped more than confused

Miss Liz




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