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Re: Question for Cam

Posted by LostBoyinNC1 on July 29, 2002, at 21:58:02

In reply to Re: Question for Cam, posted by CamW. on July 29, 2002, at 21:23:49

> Ah, I've been away for awhile and I now see that others are correct about the quality of information deteriorating on this board.
> Dr.Seeman has a misunderstanding of the processes involved in schizophrenia?
> Being able to cut and paste information off of a website (often out of context) or posting a URL replaces more than 50 years of study of a disorder?
> Personal subjective experience is closer to the truth than objective, reproduceable experiments?
> One person's personal experience is generalizable to humanity as a whole?
> Knowledge is not wisdom; especially when the information is gleaned from misunderstood and misinformed knowledge. Please learn the material before trying to educate, otherwise one can truly harm others.

Ive learned the material...asshole. All the atypicals create dopamine blockade. Dopamine blockade can cause EPS. Period.

> If anyone would like to hear a serious rebutal to Shawn's or Lost Boy's dangerous misinformation, I will gladly attempt it; but I will not do it for the sake of those whose minds are closed. It would just be a waste of my time. - Cam

Hey Cam, my own psychiatrist says I had EPS from Seroquel. Im not self diagnosing myself. He gave me muscle tests in his office and my right arm was stiff and ratchety feeling. He said "youve got Seroquel induced EPS." Also, my family doctor diagnosed the above symptoms as directly related to the Seroquel. Its all in my medical records. Meaning its official. I was prescribed Amantadine and Cogentin and told to take OTC benadryl forit. Sound like EPS Cam? Whats it sound like Cam? You been watching too much X-files or something? Or not taking your own atypical anti-psychotics like you should?

Ive always thought you sounded like you were half baked to be honest Cam. Id love to get ahold of your full name, Id report you to whatever Canadian province you live in pharmacy board in a minute for the shit you just spouted off to me.

You are just a dumb asshole geek who believes everything you read from the pharmaceutical company studies. Youre naiive Cam, those pharmaceutical companies just want to sell more atypicals. I suspect youd be the sort who would enthusiastically approve of Eli Lilly's proposed Zyprexa plus Prozac combo for non psychotic treatment resistant depression. Plenty of depressives will get messed up with EPS if that fiasco is ever FDA approved.

whats your last name Cam? Whats the W stand for? What part of Canada? I want to write a report and complain about you to the pharmacy board.




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