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Re: Adrafinil - IsoM or other users Denise528

Posted by IsoM on June 21, 2002, at 21:29:02

In reply to Adrafinil - IsoM or other users, posted by Denise528 on June 21, 2002, at 15:16:01

Oh, yes, I do swear by it. I only wish everyone else got the same benefits as I do on it.

It took a full week before I noticed anything - & then it was only that I was less sleepy (the narcolepsy thing). Bit by bit as time went on, I felt better. Two weeks, I was pretty well awake during the day without feeling drowsy any more. Noticed that I was feeling more general well-being. Three weeks, I was feeling a real contentment & like I'd found my brains again. Not nearly as forgetful, easier to keep track of small things that previously felt scrambled, & such.

I ran out of adrafinil twice. This last time I started up again, I wondered if the effect had worn off - two weeks & I didn't feel that much better. But I've been taking it for a good two months now & I really feel good. A gentle, all-over contentment & bursts of real joy & enthusiasm as the moment dictates. I feel bright, alert, awake, energetic & still have my normal hyperness of my ADHD but not the frsutrations & addleness of it. It also seems to have an AD effect for me, but that's what I read is normal about adrafinil.

Just because you can take lots of caffeine I'm not sure says much. I can take caffeine tablets (when I don't have adrafinil) & sleep on them easily. I can sleep through Dexedrine too, if I want to. I found that initially, two 300 mg tablets daily worked good. But I think some of it was the PEA effect with natural dopamine kicking in. I take three 300 mg tablets daily. Occasionally, I forget the second dose or I'm not home to take it. It doesn't matter if I miss the occasional tablet - no problem.

You've got to remember that there's many who insist they've felt differences immediately. I certainly don't want to discount their thoughts - they've obviously felt something - but I'm not sure it's due to the adrafinil in all users. The literature on adrafinil does say it takes a week or more before anything is noticed. Benefits are said to increase for a continuing 2-3 months.

I've noticed no untoward side-effects, whatsoever! Zilch - zippo! Which is wonderful - it doesn't even interfere with my sleep. From a previous night when I hadn't enough sleep & a hard day's work, I can take an afternoon nap too, if I so wish. Wonderful stuff for me!

Unfortuantely, I know nothing of what it does with the drugs you've mentioned. Why not ask a pharmacist how modafinil would go with them - very similar to its cousin, adrafinil?




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