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Help! Got Chrons and SSRI bothers chrons

Posted by lucky77 on June 18, 2002, at 20:49:17

Hello Everyone, I need advice on what AD to take. I was diagnosed with chrons at 20 and was put on meds for that. After 5 yrs stopped the meds for chrons b/c side effect were really bad. I developed depression since dad died and was first put on webutrin. It helped for a year then had a relapse had to take off from school b/c could not function. I was put on prozac ,it agrevated my chrons so was then put on celexa and gained 6 lbs in 6 days. So then was put on effexor and after 3 wks chron's acted up again so then put on zoloft which put my entire back muscles in spasms the first week, I could not move b/c was in so much muscle pain, so then put on Luvox (50 mg). worked ok, chrons was not bothered and depression was getting better but not that well. Pdr increased dose to 100 mg then to 150 mg once a day, unfortunately , I started to experience major anxiety attacks an hour after taking the luvox. Could not eat, sleep,drive, take exams etc... so pdr. thought it was due to the increase dose, yet even a month after the dose was increased slowly my attacks were still there and were getting worse. I am going to see the pdr next week and she wants to put me on remeron. I an very resistant to it. I fear that this TCA will make me gain wt like the celexa did. My head was in the frig day and night. This is a fear b/c I know that if I do gain wt I will start to starve myself and that is not good especially since I have hypoglycemia. I fear of this negative behavior. Yet I know I need to take something to help the depression. I dont want to be overwhealmed every day and I do fear also that eventually the ativans are not going to do the job. What do I do?? Is there a TCA that doesnt cause wt gain?? How much longer do I need to experiment. I am tired of feeling like this.I have been on so many meds over the past 6 months that I am tired. Just when I notice that the depression is getting better my chrons starts to act up. I had it under control for 10 years with supplement therapy and now I am torn btwn AD, chrons,and wt. HELP!




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