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Re: Trimipramine (SLS info) Chloe

Posted by Ritch on June 8, 2002, at 9:57:21

In reply to Re: Trimipramine (SLS info) Ritch, posted by Chloe on June 7, 2002, at 21:32:07

> > Chloe,
> >
> > I went to and went into their research topics (Medline) through the drug monograph. It seems like it was used (as doxepin was) to treat ulcers back in the '70's and '80's before the modern H2 antagonists were available. What it appears to me after reading a lot of the stuff about it is that it may not be as potent an antidepresant as other TCA's are, but doesn't hose up sleep architecture like other TCA's can and still has some antidepressant effect and helps sleep. One study I checked into showed that it tends to reduce cortisol similar to AP's, without other major changes in other hormone levels (that caught my attention). So, perhaps you might not get as irritable as on amitrip.? However, you are partly using the amitrip. for neuropathic pain, and I didn't see any studies on neuropathic pain. Oh, well.
> >
> > Mitch
> Mitch,
> I like the part about it being a dopamine antagonist without it being a true AP. My pdoc emailed me tonight, and thought trimipramine was a great idea especially because of this property. She called in the script, ASAP. I was shocked she moved that fast on a friday night, hum...
> BTW, Trimipramine, for me, is NOT generic. It cost $21 for sixty caps! I was shocked. My ami is $7 no matter the quantity. Strange that a TCA is not generic. I thought all these meds were from the stone age, and long lost their patents. The pharmacist couldn't tell me why it was so pricy either. Hope it works!
> I was looking through SLS's extensive list of meds and their properties and I can outline the difference between ami and trimipi, if you are interested...
> dibenzazepine
> tertiary TCA
> DA2 antagonist
> Ca2+channel inhibition
> ACh(m) antagonist---not sure what this one is??
> NE-Alpha1 antagonist
> H1 antagonist
> dibenzocycloheptadiene
> tertiary TCA
> NE reuptake inhibition***
> 5-HTP reuptake inhibition
> 5 HT2 antagonist
> ACh antagonist
> NE-alpha1 antagonist
> H1 antagonist
> ***I wonder if it's the NE reuptake inhibition that makes me get so grouchy and short fused?
> Anyway, that is the difference between the two according to SLS (thanks, SLS!). Do you have any thoughts on this, Mitch?
> Oh, lastly, I did read on the medline drug list, that an unlabeled use of trimip is *neurogenic* pain. So I am hoping I will continue to have some relief in that area. Phew, my agitated depression has swung into frenzied energy and giddiness. It's so hard to sit and focus! Can you tell?
> Catch ya later, oh and how are you??
> Chloe


I am doing Ok thus far. The imipramine must be starting to work on my ADHD symptoms a little (this makes day 10). I am listening to some music and starting to pick out lyrics!

That is interesting that your pdoc raced about and got a script for you! Oh the ACh antagonism is *anticholinergic* activity-acetylcholine receptors. What interests me especially is the Ca2+ channel inhibition. I seem to benefit from anything that has that property for some reason. Depakote and Neurontin possess it. I hadn't heard about it(trimipramine) having that particular property. I wonder where he got that? Hmmm. Twenty-one bucks still ain't that bad, however. Sixty caps-I am guessing the 25mg dose?

tell us what happens with it?
This feels like English class in high school-compare and contrast.





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