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on second thought...

Posted by JonW on May 23, 2002, at 5:29:57

In reply to HELP!! Hallucinations?! Seroquel?, posted by JonW on May 23, 2002, at 0:57:10

...I'm not all *that* sure the spider was real. He made several passes by my chair after our initial introduction and most spiders don't do circles around you, and a few minutes later the so-called "spider" jumped from the wall as I was leaving the room and bit me on the hand. It sent an electrical feeling up my arm, and my hands and forearms were all tingly afterwards. Actually, I now realize I've been having tactile hallucinations the entire day. Maybe this spider was radioactive and now I'm spiderman -- kewl! Hey look at that, the spider didn't even leave a mark when he bit me! And for my listening pleasure, distant music is coming from my refrigerator :)

I'm trying to make light of this, but the truth is I'm scared to death of the dark. I tried to go to bed and I sensed the room was full of angry people and evil spirits (but I'm a humanist!) stepping closer and closer to my bed to do me in! I didn't really see anyone but I did see these things wearing white on my ceiling -- maybe evil looking trees or evil spirits. They didn't seem to be moving and were hidden by the darkness, but I felt traped and honestly scared as I told myself this whole night is all in my head and left the room. I am now in my well-lit kitchen where I continue to swat the bugs from my skin even though I know they're not real, either.

After researching the internet, I've concluded that I may have taken too much amphetamine. Can 40mg of dexedrine in one day cause these seemingly psychotic symptoms? Last night without sleep can't help, but it's just hard to except that 40mg of dex. and I'm in John Nash's world. I don't know what I'd do if a voice yelled at me or I saw an actual 3-dimensional person -- I've seen a real spider and it only seems to be getting worse... the images are more real, more independent, more evil than before.

Is it likely that dexedrine is causing the problem? I'm not taking either drug until I know for sure. I've read about amphetamines and hallucination and they always refer to "Amphetamine Psyhosis", but the description of that sounds a lot more serious than what's going on with me. I seem paranoid and am having different types of hallucinations -- maybe it's just not as bad as if I had 80mg or something. What do you guys think about all of this?


p.s. hey, I just saw a flowing image of a lobster moving in place and then it morphed into an octopus entangled with an orange extension cord which morphed into a pile of twigs and then morphed into a basketball hoop. Well, that makes sense, it is the conference finals. :) It's interesting, it seems like I can influence the images with my mind. I mean, I turned what I saw into a lobster but it just went from there.




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