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Re: Zoloft much more powerful than the SAMe

Posted by geno on May 16, 2002, at 16:51:29

In reply to Zoloft much more powerful than the SAMe, posted by 3 Beer Effect on May 16, 2002, at 0:48:04

3 beers,
Well im at 75 mg of zoloft. Its neither sedating, nor stimulating. I could feel a slight improvement in mood/socialbility, but nothing like ghb. Im gonna stay on zoloft 75mg another week, then up it to 100mg. I still cannot achieve an orgasm and sex drive is null, but lately i dont have a girlfriend, and have not been going out, till june, anyway, well you know why. H.A.
Ya i tried same back in florida, and did nothing. Thats when i was doing like 30ml of g plus 6 beers, plus ephedra. Boy what a rollicoster i was on.
I also may up my remeron to 45mg. If i cannot fall asleep, ill take 10mg of ambien with it. keep my zoloft at 75mg at such.
You are so right when you say you want to start lifing wieghts. iv been bodybuilding, boxing , kickboxing for 12 yrs. If i miss more than 2 days, im depressed. Nothing works better than a good ol workout, to boost those endorphans. Though after my workout, im in a better mood, but not outgoing as i should be. Living up here in ne pa, sucks. No beaches, very limited bikinis LOL, mountains etc. When i lived in florida, my whole outlook was better. im moving back there in jan 2003, hopefully drug free, of even all these ad's ghb, alcohol.
I been using vivarin. Seems to give me a slight boost, but not like adderal. A buddy of mine gave me some riddlin, 10mg so i may try that, and drop all caffiene. if i like it, hopefully my pdoc in 3 weeks will percribe me some adderal or ritalin, if the 100mg of zoloft isnt kicking.
ya i find all i do is read read about drugs. If i had the money, and time, id go to med school and be a shrink. LOL. Maybe diagnose myself HEHE
Hey will ridalin, adderal show up in a standard urine as amphetamines. I get a urine every month.

write back 3 beers,




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