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Re: post viral syndromes

Posted by katekite on May 7, 2002, at 12:51:03

In reply to Re: post viral syndromes katekite, posted by ben on May 7, 2002, at 4:15:51

Hi Ben,

> What is CSF ? I never had headaches during the flu !

CSF stands for cerebrospinal fluid, so the same test as you are thinking to do, a lumbar puncture for spinal fluid. About 10% of people experience a short term head ache after the test.

I had this test done to test for meningitis: it was a long time ago and unrelated to my recent hot syndrome.

> They found an absent sensory response of the peripheral nerves, but dont know what it means and if this is causing my symptoms !
> They will redo the EMG/NCS in the hospital and perhaps a lumbal punction (spine liquid)
> to look about infections etc.

That sounds like a very good idea.

> I had often fasciculations in the muscles (fast repeated twiches) of legs during this 2 years and some docs are very interested in this (others dont care about it).

I had that also, actually, during the more extended times I have been ill with this thing. No one seems to have been very interested in it in my case, thus I didn't even remember to mention it to you.
> Okay, but to get rid of the pain there is more chance if you know the reason !?

Oh yes, that would be good. I think I was suggesting that even if one can not find the cause there is still hope for treating it.
> Since january: Manerix up to 450 mg/d (Moclobemide a MAOI). Dose reduction of Manerix cause of nervousness anxiety to 225 mg/d. 3/02: Addition of Elavil (up to 20 mg/d).
> 4/02 Washing out of the Elavil and addition of the TCA Opipramol (Ensidon, Insidon) up to 200 mg/d. Now I only take the 200 mg/d Opipramol and 0.5 mg Lorazepam at night.
> Tried without real benefits NSAIDs (Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Piroxicam, Proxen), Paracetamol and Tramadol (only a few benefits !)

You have tried a lot of things! It seems clear that the NSAIDS do not help at all. Again I suggest trying each class of drugs to begin with rather than for example trying another tca or another maoi. Perhaps trazodone or neurontin.
> The docs never thought about that and I think antiviralias are bad to tolerate and can affect the nerves too (they act cell based !).
Supposedly amantadine is an antidepressant of sorts, although one would need to make sure anxiety was controlled first. I do not know anything about tolerability.

Amantadine is the drug used to treat borna virus, I believe, which some German researchers believe is a cause of many psychiatric problems, in Germany. It is carried by livestock, I believe, but only in a small part of Europe. However, studies in the US show that a greater % of hospitalized mental patients have antibodies to it than the general population. But I know nothing of its effects on cells or its side effects.
> >
> What does it mean (sorry, my mother language isnt english):a hangnail let alone ?
A hangnail happens when the skin next to the fingernail is too dry and cracks open (usually from too much hot soapy water, jobs with a lot of washing, for example), causing a mildly painful 'hangnail' (a piece of skin hanging next to the nail). Not something one would need a doctor to diagnose. So I meant to say "some doctors I have seen are not able to diagnose dry skin".

"let alone" is an expression that just links the two parts of the sentence in a conditional way that shows that the second part of the sentence is even more unlikely than the first part. One can say, "President Bush could not run a shoe store, let alone a whole country".

(that's a quote so I don't need to say its not a political statement, I hope)

> > Am really curious about whether paxil really helps your pain as I'm inferring.
> >
> Why do you inferre Paxil helps with my pain ? I am confused: Okay it could help (but I am off and the pain started when weaned off Paxil very slowly !). Interstingly I never had coughs or flus on ADs since all started but now I seem to attract it.

I'm sorry -- I was confused. I thought you had tried paxil a second time after the pain started, but I read that incorrectly. It sounds like you do not tolerate paxil well enough to take it. I had not heard that paxil was more helpful for pain than other ssris.

I have tried moclobemide also and found it helpful for irritability when I was depressed, although I was a little too sedated by it. But very few side effects for me.

I think you could not do this while on moclobemide(I think they interact), but has anyone suggested buprenorphine or another morphine derivative painkiller just to see what the response is?

Talking about this has been good and I think I may try to see another doctor about my own hot syndrome. There must be someone out there who can at least guess at it. And there must be others such as you who have developed pain or abnormal nerve function after a flu-like illness.

Can I ask what your native language is? I would never have known english was not your first language, a few grammar changes but not different from what I might write if only a little tired. You write very very well.

I really hope you find the cause. Please keep me posted about what medications you try as its possible that something similar would help me (since pain and burning heat are not such different sensations).





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