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It is worth a try...

Posted by Uppendown on May 6, 2002, at 22:59:00

In reply to HELP! BiPolar2 with severe depr and mild mania:, posted by Janelle on May 6, 2002, at 21:40:06

Hi Janelle,

I'm sorry you're having such a rough time of it.... I've "watched" a lot of bipolars go through this same battle... trying to find meds that will fullfill that "promise" of relief...

I'm not so sure the is just one answer to this all... After a couple years, and hundreds of folks saying so many similar things... doing the research and review of so many clinical studies... I think it has to be a "combination" approach.

Let me run by a thought for ya... Maybe you already know this... But, most of us BPs went some period of time undiagnosed, thrashing through our lives, until we were given a "reason" for what we go through. Using my self as an example.. I first manifested my symptoms/episodes when I was 11-12.. I didn't get diagnosed until I was in my 40s... during the years inbetween, I developed relationships which I destroyed.. I created businesses that I later lost.. I made a fool out of myself... and much more. But through it all, I developed ways to "cope".. ways in which I rationalized why things turned out as they did. I developed alot of self hate, self doubt, etc... Blah, blah, blah.. You know where I'm going with all this..

So... it is no wonder that I get depressed... I have alot of "ingrained" belief structures that no pill is going to be able to resolve or "cure" for me. BUT. I am still bipolar... there are TWO things going on here ( at least ! LOL!) ... as I'm quite sure are going on with all BPs.. So, YES.. we can look to meds for help... but they can only do so much. We can't be disappointed when they fail to help with EVERTHING that is going on with us...

I think we need both... therapy to learn new ways to "cope"... ( and, boy, do we ever have things to cope with !! Does ANYONE seriously doubt that we face stigma in our daily interactions, for example ? Family? Co-workers? ).. and meds to help us tone down... when we need that..

Okay... so... what meds? Given that you've tried drugs like Lamictal and Depakote... and knowing that Lithium is also known to have depression "problems".. I can't see why you shouldn't ask your doc to try Neurontin... and.. to discuss a "variable dosage" script. It is known to have a sedating effect... which works pretty well if your mind is spinning out with hypomania or mania.. and it can be effective with depression... ( It worked very well for me, and I'm a BP1.. depression and true mania... LOL! Like.. I hallucinate lots! LOL! And,suicidal depressions.. ).. Prescribing less than 600 mgs a day is virtually useless.. I've talked to LOTS of BP Neurontin users... 900 mgs is "standard".. I think a base amount of 600 mgs works.. and then more as needed for "episodes"... JMHO..

Also.. Depakote and Neurontin together is a pretty good combo... you might try that... Depakote can impact your liver... whereas Neurontin passes through your kidneys pretty quickly...

Personally.. I would look into working with a good therapist... AND try Neurontin.. if it helps ya.. great.. if not.. then ya know, eh ?

Best Wishes,





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