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Re: Widespread pain coming from depression ?! katekite

Posted by ben on May 6, 2002, at 13:21:35

In reply to Re: Widespread pain coming from depression ?!, posted by katekite on May 6, 2002, at 10:04:23

> Fascinating.... the flu part.

I had an an awfull cough when that pain came up in december 01 but also coming of Paxil so I thought it would be one of these but now I am confused ! After that flu I had allways cold hands and feets, now its better.
Two weeks befor that flu I had to treat an infection with Metronidazol for ten days (in long term use it is causing probably nerve damages, but the docs wouldnt hear on that - my treatment was too short ?! to develop such things) All begann at the left hand in the fingers 4 (ringfinger) and 5 - they seemed slept (tingling feelings), then pain distributed over the body (tibialis anterior and fibula in the limbs, ulnaris nerve and ellbow in the arms )

> I was also on paxil but it was years ago, I did have terrible withdrawal but it lasted about 3 months and did not have temperature or pain issues, except headache.

I had temperature problems but if it was coming from the flu or the Paxil ( I guess the flu because I came off Paxil very very slowly with liquid Paxil).
> Here's what happened to me: I was on klonopin and neurontin for 5 weeks no side effects, then ate salmon for dinner and remember it feeling weird, like it was the best food ever (sort of like the munchies on pot) then got a flu-like syndrome and hot several hours later (woke me up in the middle of the night) (felt like the flu was coming but it never showed after about 4 days) and at the same time had hot flushing and chills intermittently as if I had a serious fever. Ran only a minor fever of 99 the whole time. Had a panic attack which had never happened before, or since. After that it came and went until I quit neurontin and klonopin cold turkey 5 weeks later. It went away in 24 hrs. I had to restart klonopin after that due to withdrawal, but the symptoms didn't come back. Since then I've gotten it for about 24-48 hrs after eating salmon (3 times now, I'm learning) and after trying buspar and retrying neurontin (dumb of me). The drugs that aggravate it all seem to be serotonin enhancing, and dopamine agonists seem to make it better, but not really enough drugs to be sure so that's a guess.

How much Neurontin did you take ? For what exactly (depression: bipolar or mono, Pain...) ?
My doc didnt try Neurontin because I am very sensitive and he thinks that would knock me out (dizziness, fatigue, sedation....) !
I read SSRIs are not very effective in pain except PAXIL - damn I cant stand this drug cause of side effects ! TCAs should be better ?! But I dont like them. When it turns about Fibromyalgia (in my case I guess not) serotonine enhancing seem to work better than other transmitters ?!

> I would guess based on what you say about flu symptoms, that's its some sort of post-infection syndrome, like mine. It seems to me that certain psychoactive drugs must potentiate or sensitize people to this risk.

What do you mean with potentiate or sensitize people to this risk and why ?

> From what you've said it doesn't sound like your current depression is causing it, unless the same brain problem that causes the depression is also causing pain.

I hope its a treatable existing thing not something hidden in the brain !

> Have you seen a neurologist?

Yes she made an EMG and NCS from my extremities: arms seem to be okay and legs seem to have a kind of peripheral neuropathy (no sensory/sensible nerve response in NCS/EMG dont know what this means and she also not !!! perhaps an artefact or something without relevance ???)

> Do you notice any other even subtle symptoms, things you think might just be depression but maybe aren't?

I am depressed with suicidal ideations but I think its coming from this disrupting pain making much disabilities ! What was first: The Egg or the Chicken ?! My pdoc sees it as from depression cause other docs didnt find any existing physical problem. I think the rheuma tests (ANA, ANCA ...) are very tricky as well as the the hole neurolgy and think of infection diseases coming from viruses ! And what about sarcoidisis ? My mother had that when she was young. My lungs has been tested with x-ray (in 90% positive) without any sign as well as the ACE (AC enzyme in 30% positive).
What about the other percentages which are negative by blood tests but do have it indeed ?! It is possible do have such a disease only in the peripheral system (as well as Wegener`s disease or vasculitis, collagenosis etc.). I dont know looking on a hospital stay too rule all things out/ to find the reason ? Someone called a doc diagnosing a physical ill patient with idiopathic cause to be an idiot of a doc. I wouldnt share this opinion because mostly it is unfair but sometimes a second opinion could be worth of gold.





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