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As far as I have been able to determine...

Posted by Uppendown on May 3, 2002, at 20:27:39

In reply to Re: Stupid from drugs or from depression? How can you Uppendown, posted by Ant-Rock on May 3, 2002, at 17:00:41

Hi Ant-Rock,

As far as I have been able to determine, with about 5 years of very intensive, daily involvment in these issues, virtually all of these meds have very similar impacts on the individual psyche. The physical impacts vary, as in some are motabilized through the liver, and can cause physiological problems such as liver failure... But my concern is why these meds are prescribed in the first place.. and to what extent our caregivers recognized the impacts of these meds on us. It is no secret that we endure very significant "side effects" from these meds... And as much as I believe that our caregivers mean only the best for us, they don't go through the "experiences" we do.. virtually all of the docs are "book learned". It is to their credit that they work so hard, spend so many hours trying to help us... but upon *what* do they base their advice.. their prescriptions to us ??? You need not take my "word" for any of this, just spend a couple days reading past posts on ANY mental health message board to get a feel for how many people are not doing "well" on these meds. Obviously a "refinement" is needed ! Go back weeks... months... years... ( this thread goes back to 99 ! ) .. you will see EXACTLY the same "complaints" ! Ya HAFTA ask, "why?" " What are the common denominators between all these people, spanning all this time??".

Nobody knows the "answer"... Nobody can tell you it is a "chemical imbalance" .. it is all still just unproven theory.. Yet so many are put on these powerful drugs, which alter their lives. Of that, there is little doubt. For some it is a definate "improvement", but for many, the results are "worse". You can determine this for yourself, easily... read these message boards... or review the results of clinical studies ( I'll send you URLs, if you want..) ..

My issue is solely " For *what* are these meds being prescribed?" .. I know some people *need* meds... but I also "see" very clearly that the impacts of taking them need to be recognized, and aknowledged. It ISN'T like you pop a pill, and your life is suddenly "better". "Better" is subjective, and comes with a "price"...

Please feel free to post to me if you want URLs for further research, or .. if you think I can add to your thoughts in any way..

Best Wishes,





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