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Re: depression, etc. Elizabeth

Posted by sid on February 10, 2002, at 15:34:14

In reply to Re: depression, etc. sid, posted by Elizabeth on February 10, 2002, at 12:10:56

> > zaleplon

> Sonata: that lasts more like 2 hours, I thought. If you wake up early or if your only problem is initial insomnia, I imagine it'd be great -- assuming it works, of course!

Different name here of course (Starnoc). It's 10mg, so perhaps it's a higher dosage than Sonata, which would explain it potentially lasting longer. And yes it works. I took it last night and finally went to sleep thanks to it!

> > She refers you to a real obgyn if needed, but otherwise, I deal with her. And this GP I go to for my depression treats a lot of people for mental illnesses.
> So they're both doctors of internal medicine (or whatever you guys call it) by training?

No. The GP does not have an actual doctorate (calling medical providers "doctor" is often wrong). Those who specialize (5-10 more years in school) have an actual doctorate. "Real" obgyn's do that. My GP who only does obgyn-related consultations refers you to a "real" obgyn if you are a more complicated case. You go to her for annual exams, uncomplicated pregnancies, usual stuff.

> > Of course she'd refer me to a pdoc if my case became more complicated than it is now.
> How complicated is it? Have you had a lot of treatment resistance?

No resistance (except my own resistance to take meds for a long time!). I've responded to therapy, acupuncture and now to Effexor XR. Yoga is helping me with the anxiety these days; I started a class a few weeks ago and I love it. I cross my fingers that I continue to respond well to the meds.

> Actually, I think it's good for a pdoc to meet your family (I try to introduce my immediate family to my pdocs where feasible), but if he knows them already then that would be kind of odd.

Not my family. There are people in my family who like nothing better than to put me down, I'm not about to tell them the story of my life. I've learned to grow and live despite my family.

> I think I'm lucky that I don't get any kind of PMS, because it seems like many, maybe most, women do.

Not all women do, not all as bad as me. How old are you? It's new to me... I'm 34 and apparently, PMS is the worse in a woman's 30's. I used to have cramps a few times a year, but this hormone-driven suicidal thing, that's 2 years old, no more.

> I'll keep that in mind -- I like navel oranges, although prunes aren't my favorite food (to put it mildly). I've been trying to use Metamucil regularly, but it's a bit of a PITA.

PITA? Prunes are good with vanilla yogourt. Alone, they're not great.

> > > Yeah, one day we'll all reach OK. (I wonder if the Oklahomans are ready for us? :-} )
> >
> > lololololol !
> I thought that joke was really bad, myself!

Well I'm not American, so I would not have thought of it myself. Surprise effect.

> With Effexor, you mean? I think I've heard of that happening with SSRIs and maybe Effexor before.

Yes. I have bruxism to start with, and it was (is still perhaps?) worse with Effexor XR.

> FWIW, I think Klonopin (Rivotril) is supposed to help with that. It's become sort of the standard for movement disorders in sleep.

Yes, trying to avoid benzos. My doc is reluctant and me too. I find that I already take enough meds. Roght now I do well with the mouth guard only, we'll reassess if needed later. At least now I'm done taking meds for my allergy (I ate some mussel sauce by mistake on Thursday and had to take lots of Immodium and Gravol in order for my body not to react too strongly). Back to Effexor XR, Allesse, Starnoc if needed, and vitamins. I hate to take meds and can't wait to be free of them.


- sid




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