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Re: MAOI diet short list

Posted by djmmm on January 15, 2002, at 23:04:54

In reply to Re: MAOI diet short list djmmm, posted by Rick on January 15, 2002, at 17:27:56

> Great to hear that Nardil has been a miracle drug for you!
> A few questions and comments:
> > Well...actually, I had a bit of positional/orthostaic hypotension for the first few weeks
> Nardil turned me from (untreated) hypertensive to hypotensive within days. The postural hypotension was so bad that I was falling down, including in public.
> >I also started taking Inderal at the time
> Do you think the Inderal adds to the anti-social-anxiety effect?
> >I havent gained any weight
> We both seem to be in a distinct minority on this one. I actually found it *easier* to lose weight when I was on Nardil, and I didn't really cut out many foods due to the cheese effect
> >and as far as sexual side effects, I would take Nardil over Paxil or Effexor or even Wellbutrin ANY DAY
> So do you/did you have any sexual dysfunction at all on Nardil? Nardil gave me such severe anorgasmia that it continued for almost four weeks after I dropped the Nardil
> >on the SSRIs I felt like an emotion-less zombie...yeah I was no longer anxious, or depressed, but I wasn't happy either, I was lost somewhere in the middle, and very uncomfortable there.
> I was being treated strictly for SP, not depression, but I can sure relate to your SSRI reactions based on my Celexa trial.
> > nardil, for me, at least, has been a miracle drug, far less side effects than the SSRIs, or Effexor, Wellbutrin
> Did either Effexor or Welbutrin help at all with the SP?
> > I do have memory difficulties, but I can not attribute them to Nardil, I take Neurontin and Topamax for epilepsy and both of these medications have adverse effects on memory.
> Again, I wonder if either of these, especially the Neurontin, add to the highly effective treatment of your SP?
> > I take:
> > Nardil 60mg
> > Neurontin 1800mg
> > Topamax 200mg
> > Inderal 40mg
> Any problems with energy or cognition (other than memory) with this combo?

To answer your questions...
the Inderal most def. helps with the "physical" aspect of social anxiety.. the increased heart rate, sweating.

I found that once my heart wasn't beating out of my chest, I wouldn't start sweating, and then I wouldn't start blushing..and this helped tremendously....but psychologically I was still having the same distorted "self-centered" social phobic thoughts.

as for sexual side-effects, rarely I have had problems with anorgasmia...maybe 10 times in the 1.5 years I have been taking the Nardil... The SSRIs destroyed my libido, and being only a teen/early 20's at the time (im 23 now) that was just unacceptable...Effexor and Wellbutrin weren't any better...

...also Effexor, surprisingly, did not work at all for me, neither did wellbutrin, and wellbutrin sr gave me hives.

I do think that the Neurontin and Topamax have contributed to my recovery...




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