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Adrafranil, huh? IsoM

Posted by BarbaraCat on January 9, 2002, at 19:23:45

In reply to Re: Need your help! - another treatment failure BarbaraCat, posted by IsoM on January 9, 2002, at 14:37:46

Hmmm, I heard of adrafinil a few years ago as a nootropic and was very interested in it. It definitely sounds like worth a try. Can you tell me where you got it? In other words, is it a US prescription or one that you got via overseas mail order? Question: how would it affect a tendency to careen into anxiety when stressed (there are MANY MANY in my life right now)and a past history of panic disorder (not been a problem for last 2 years)? I would plan to use it with a reduced dose of Remeron. Remeron has worked wonders (when it worked), but my intuition is telling me that the norepinephine pathway this drug affects is what I need. I will also continue Ambien for sleep (not even Remeron will knock me out).

One of the most frustrating effects of this illness is how it robs me of the energy/motivation/ability to maintain my life and creativity. The circuits don't connect, I start planning my life but can't maintain any enthusiasm, get sick and end up dropping out altogether. It's this never being able to follow through or honor commitments or predict my future health that keeps me in despair of ever getting better. I will present this to my pdoc, but am determined to go ahead with it no matter what his take may be. He has not been able to offer anything that's working. In fact, many of the 'smart drugs' show much promise. Another reason to be proactive in our own health. Thanks to all for your suggestions.

> Barbara, I won't even begin to suggest what may or may not work for you. I can only offer you some of my experiences. Remember, what works for one, doesn't necessarily for another.
> I've been on ADs for < 15 years now, & three separate times, I've tried to wean myself off all meds. Each time, I needed to concede failure & go back on them. After these three shots, I've decided to not fool around anymore.
> I managed a health food store years ago, & live a healthy, active lifestyle, eat very sensibly, & take any necessary vitamin/mineral supplements. I try to use moderation in all things. But diet, exercise, & a solid network of friends & family is just not enough for me. It has a strong genetic pattern & has been passed to my three sons too.
> Now for my "advice":
> I've tried a fair amount of TCAs & everyone worked fairly good EXCEPT for disipramine. I went off TCAs because of constipation & a too rapid heart rate. Various SSRIs were tried & now I'm on Celexa (my choice). I also needed a little Synthoid due to an underactive thyroid.
> I have a mixture(?) of ADHD, narcolepsy, & migraines as well as depression - again all genetic, runs in the family through a few generations. The one medication that I've added recently that has done wonders for me is adrafinil. I refuse to push it on others though. It may not have the same effect for others as me, but for me it truly is my wonder drug. It's helped my depression, motivation, constant sleepiness & yawning, ADHD, memory, & serves to calm me too. In doing what research I could on it, I came across a pictures of the brain activated on stims (Dexedrine & Ritalin) & that on adrafinil. While some of the same parts of the brain that showed increased metabolic activity on stims was lit on adrafinil too, there was much more activity in the brain all over on adrafinil. It increased brain metabolism overall. I also found it interesting the mention of one person's attempt to commit suicide on adrafinil recorded him taking 57X the maximum recommended dose, only to be awake & jittery for a few days before he returned to normal, no damage done.
> I do have fibromyalgia too. Seem to have had it all my life as I remember waking up at night with 'growing pains', crying with the pain & crawling into bed with my Mom. She'd rub & warm my skinny little legs & arms. The pains never really went away & when I was in my thirties, they came back full force. I'm not sure whether the adrafinil helps the pain or if it just makes me feel better & I'm not so aware of it. I haven't been on it long enough to really judge. I'd not venture an opinion till at least 6 months have passed. As you know, flare-ups can come & go.
> Anyways, this is a long post, but wanted to explain everything to you. I hope going off all meds works for you. Of course, see first if it works well for you. If not, & you wonder what you can do, remember this post. Good luck & do let us know how things progress!
> ********************************************************************************************
> > Please excuse this long post, but if I give detailed info, perhaps some of you out there can provide clues/sleuthing to help me with what is becoming a descent into despair. I have a long history of treatment resistant depression with bouts of panic disorder. I also have fibromyalgia. I have been on every SSRI and it's permutations out there as well as Wellbutrin augmenting. I'm currently on Remeron 45 mg. with 100 mg lithium (lithium was added a week ago for augmenting). For 2 months, 30 mg. of Remeron was doing it. I have not felt so good for so long, just plain old normal and enjoying life in a healthy, productive manner. I felt good, motivated, and very validated in my theory that depression is ultimately biochemical - just provide my brain with what it needs and I can take care of the rest of life just splendidly.
> >
> > Then, at the beginning of Dec, it began pooping out. I could feel the mucle pains returning, then the emotional pain and I've been descending into a horrible depression, pain and fatigue spiral. So my pdoc upped Remeron to 45 mg. with the 100 mg lithium. Just the teensiest response. My depression is always accompanied by aching muscular pain (fibromyalgia), feeling of intense fear, crying, brain won't make connections. In the past I tried disipramine, but don't recall that it helped and hated the side effects. I'm also taking thyroid T4 and T3 for hypothyroidism, good estrogen/progesterone hormones, and leading a very healthy lifestyle complete with meditation and good nutrition. I hate to keep upping my meds because NOTHING has continued to work. Something is missing in the chemical equation.
> >
> > Severe melancholy depression, pain, fatigue with forays into panic. Any ideas out there? Another trial with TCA's? Dopamine augmentation? Thank you for any and all suggestions. I feel like the Thermian's plea in Galaxy Quest "You're my laaast hope!".




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