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Re: Dexedrine- tolerance to weight loss exaggerate

Posted by 3 Beer Effect on January 5, 2002, at 1:08:45

In reply to Re: Dexedrine- the perfect weight loss drug?, posted by JGalt on January 5, 2002, at 0:19:43

I am 6'1", 23 yr old male & went from 180 to about 160 lbs on Dexedrine in a little less than a month. I was on Ritalin about a year ago & had similar results.
I think a major reason these drugs cause weight loss is that when you are taking them food just tastes 'gross' & you really don't feel like eating food. Plus, you are burning extra calories by fidgeting & not sleeping etc.

Also, in studies, when rats were given dexedrine one hour before a meal, they died of starvation about two weeks later!

I am not interested in losing weight & have always had trouble gaining weight (high metabolism), since I am young I am more interested in gaining (muscle) weight (which I am now in the process of doing with the help of Remeron).

For me, the rapid weight loss with ADHD stimulants was a definite negative, but everywhere I looked, older people 30+, especially women, were frighteningly obese! So I've always told myself that if I (or my future wife) ever get obese like most middle aged americans seem to get, its off to the doctor to get a dexedrine scrip!
>I think the tolerance to the weight loss effect of amphetamines has been exaggerated just like the addiction potential of benzodiazepines has been grossly exaggerated in order to discourage their use. (I guess the self-indulgent baby-boomers had way too much fun in the 1960s & 1970s with amphetamines & valium (among other drugs) & ruined it for us all now. If a person takes Dexedrine one hour before every meal, Food will still taste gross & you will still burn more calories through lack of sleep & fidgeting- how can one develop tolerance to effects like these?

One final problem with your post, it is impossible, I repeat, impossible for anyone except the morbidly obese or relatively fat people using high levels of 2,4 dinitrophenol to loose a lb of fat a day. You can loose several lbs of water easily, you can keep a lower amount of food in your system by taking laxatives (I lost 8lbs in 12 hrs doing this before a powerlifting competition, not worth it), but that is not permanent weight loss by any means. Here's why you can't: a lb of fat contains 3500 calories. I'm an active guy, I'm around 180lbs, and the number of calories I need to maintain my bodyweight is roughly 2500 per day. Unless you're doing some endurance running daily, chances are, you're never going to get to 20x your bodyweight in calories needed per day. The dexedrine's impact on your metabolism is unsubstantial after a week or so, so the only way you could loose a pound of fat a day would be to not eat at all (this is if you are about my weight and have some incredible metabolism and are very active), in which case your body would severly intervene, begin metabolising muscle like crazy, and make you very very lethargic and unmotivated. Thus, if you were loosing a lb a day, it was mostly water weight, less food intake causing a lower food balance in your body, perhaps liver glycogen stores being used up (I believe that is roughly 3-5 lbs right there), along with some fat and muscle...not weight you're going to keep off for long, certainly not a healthy plan for life.
> I do agree completely that ephedrine+caffeine's rapid results on weight loss are primarily through the above mechanisms, ephedrine's actual metabolism increasing effects are something like 2-3% increase...and it reduces appetite. Start popping thyroid pills all day long (not healthy either), you'll probably be up around 15-20% elevation. Back in the 20's (no I'm not that old), when DNP was legal, pop a couple of those per day and start living outside in the winter somewhere snowy, and you can have 70% elevation...that's about the only way you can loose a lb of real fat a day (while eating the same amount and not loosing much if any muscle), which is pretty much all that counts if you're going for increasing your health by loosing weight.
> JGalt




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