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Re: Recovered and Happy! No More Drugs for Me!!

Posted by Dolphin on January 3, 2002, at 0:13:09

In reply to Re: Recovered and Happy! No More Drugs for Me!! Ľ Dolphin, posted by Cindylou on January 2, 2002, at 6:57:48

Well I wasn't gonna put this out here, but here goes.

Iíve had depression my entire life. I have always been sad. I didnít want to be around people, because when I was around people I was very quiet and people thought I was strange. I wasnít strange, I just had absolutely no interest in life.

Iíve suffered from Bulimia and Anorexia since was 18 years old, I am now 30. Also at 18 I attempted suicide by taking a bottle of sleeping pills, needless to say my stomach was pumped. Not long there after I cut my wrist. I was a very very unhappy person. I have suffered as an alcoholic for the last few years and before that I had become addicted to cocaine and crack. I had stopped crack and cocaine, long before I quit drinking. When I became pregnant with my son is when I stopped drinking. However, after my son stopped nursing I picked up the bottle again to attempt dealing with stress, depression, and the pressure of being a single mother.

Over the years, I didnít realize that Alcohol made my life worse. I became a drunk and I made a complete fool of my self many many times. To make matters worse, I was raped (twice) by so-called friends. I had no control over what was happening to me, I just wasnít strong enough. I am sure the alcohol had a lot to do with that. After the second time, I knew I had to quit.

I had tried several different medications to help me cope with my problems over the years. However, none of them worked. Then my doctor put me on Effexor. What a nightmare that turned out to be.

After I recovered from Effexor, I was determined to never touch another medication again. Then, I remembered a product that I was referred to about 3 Ĺ years ago. I had remembered when I took it I felt great. However, now I think back and I think that I got used to the fact that I felt great, and unfortunately, I stopped taking it thinking that I didnít need it. My mistake was, I had forgotten how I felt before I began taking it.

It didnít even click that my depression, anxiety, and the ability to cope with stress, had been greatly improved from taking it. The only reason I started taking it in the first place was because everyone was talking about it and I thought I would try it. So I did. But again, I stopped taking it and I didnít realize how much it actually was helping me. I once again became a very sick person and didnít realize that I was once better.

I fell back into the trap of depression, anxiety, and the ability to not be able to cope with stress. I had completely forgotten about the product. It was only a little over a month ago that remembered what the product had done for me.

I asked the person that referred me 3 Ĺ years ago for the companies number and I ordered the product in hopes that it would help me. Now I have resumed the use of the product and I can see a huge difference in how I feel and how my body functions on a day-to-day basis. I have not thrown up any food since I have been taking this product nor have I starved myself of any food. I do not drink anymore, and I am not depressed anymore. I am feeling great.

I realized what a wonderful product it really is and Iíve started giving it to my son on a daily basis. My son will definitely never go through what I went through as a child and as an Adult.

When I first posted Suffering From Effexor, someone emailed me and asked me questions. One of the things I said to her was ďI am making it one of my life goals to help people that are going through the same things that I have went throughĒ. Well my follow-up message to Suffering From Effexor was one of my first steps in doing this. However, I canít believe that it took me so long to post a follow-up message as I had the answer all along.

The product is called Body Balance. The company is Life Force International. You can look them up on It dosn't give in detail the ingredients of Body Balance. However, I will say that it contains every vitamin, mineral, enzyme, amino acid, and bioflavinoid that is known to mankind. It is not a pill form, it is a liquid form. Liquid form is absorbed by the body up to 98%. Pill forms of nutrients are only absorbed by the body 10 to 20%. If you would like the breakdown of all 121+ nutrients, send me an e-mail. This product has everything the body needs to sustain life and function properly. I beleive it has saved my life.




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