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Re: venlafaxine PLEASE READ jimmy gold

Posted by jimmygold70 on January 1, 2002, at 2:29:59

In reply to Re: venlafaxine PLEASE READ jimmy gold jimmygold70, posted by catherine1812 on December 31, 2001, at 12:27:36

> > I thought that the whole point of the scan was to determine the problem in the brain in order to then treat it correctly????Is that not right?
No, since we do not know enough of the brain processes that underlie brain disorder. You can have a nice atypical PET, you can hang it on the wall but it will not help you much.

> I don't have a psycotherapist at the moment.My doc says there is no need.I disagree with him ,but it is upto him.The patient has to be referred by the doc over here.Yes 10 years is along time.Tell me about it!!!I have suffered
> enourmously due to lack of treatment,and I have had to beg to get where I am now.The tablets I have been prescribed in the past range from:Imipramine=150mg daily.Seroxat=150mgdaily.Prozac(can't remember the dose).Zisbin(can't remember dose.)and there are others too.I will check on them all when I have been to the docs and let you have all the details then.I am interested to see what you think.

I'll be glad to hear. Change your PDoc, he sounds like a moron to me. And I come from the field of psychology - student and researcher as well.

> > "No Pain - No Gain"
> > That's a harsh comment.I disagree.I would have liked to have been told about all the bad things that might or could happen.Every-one has that right surely???I don't like bad suprises!!!

Well, most of the time when you tell one of all the side effects, especially when you're depressed and feel a lot of somatization, you start feeling them right away. I know it sounds stupid, but sometimes you'd better not know. Take 3 months of a trial and THEN look at the monograph for possible side effects (-:

> > The doctor, my G.P.He didn't hold a gun to my head granted...but..I had to have something and this was his choice.As I said he obviously knew little about the drug, he didn't expalin anything to me just told me the dose to take and that was that.He didn't ask me to call back and see him-nothing.Why do you think I should try lithium agumentation?What is it?Tell me more.
> I agree about the chopping and changing of the drugs it is pointless,but I have to trust the doctor and it is he who has done this.

A GP is not a PDoc. Get yourself a licensed psychiatrist. About lithium augmentation - it will substantially improve the AD effect of any AD you use. There are side effect, though, but not nack spasms. Try a high dose SSRI (i.e. Paxil/Celaxa) and lithium. This could prove as a good combination for you.

> > > >
> > They don't only save money - they save your time and your brain from radiation.... (-:
> >mmmmmmmm I would feel better if I had one.
> >

I think you have too much of it (-:

> >What is CBT? I'm young... I wish!!!

Cognitive-Behaviorial treatment. That's the psychotherapy of choice for depression.

> > > What are you diagnosed with?I haven't been given a specific name for my illness.(that worries me too)

I have a persoanlity disorder, dysthimic disorder, and strong anxiety manifested by social and other phobias.

> Thanks for the concern!I will post the other info when I have it.What about not sleeping well?What do you do for that?Do you have an e-mail account?Could I have your e-mail address?

Taking the right med will let you sleep well. Try posting to But tell me when you post there, since I don't check the mail much those days...





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