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Re: venlafaxine PLEASE READ Sid,old school,jimmy gold

Posted by OldSchool on December 30, 2001, at 17:18:14

In reply to venlafaxine PLEASE READ Sid,old school,jimmy gold OldSchool, posted by catherine1812 on December 30, 2001, at 16:36:59

> I am particuarly interested in this SPECT scan and the PET scan.I have often wondered, what exactly is going on in this head of mine?
> I have suffered with depression for 10 years.I am 32 now and still suffering.Surely there has to be an answer.I have had so many different anti-depressents over the years, none of which have ever worked.I am convinced that the doctor really doesn't know what is the matter with me.

The doctors do not know what is going on in your head, ahem, your brain I mean. Depression is a brain based illness, yet the diagnostic approach is usually that of its a "psychological" or even worse, just an "emotional" problem. When you are really dealing with a type of neurological illness when you are talking severe depression, manic depression, schizophrenia, etc.

> Doctors here in England are reluctant to spend money on scans etc.So I think when I mention this to him he will have a heart attack and try his hardest to slide away from it.

Yes, Ive heard the socialized medicine program in the UK is not the best. Medical care is "rationed" out in the UK. I truly hope socialized medicine does not ever come to the USA. I fear hard to treat patients would be most affected by a socialized medical system, where care is "rationed" out. Scary to an American who is used to getting things we want.

Somehow, I dont think socialized medicine will ever go down here...I dont think it would jibe with the average American after they learned of the realities of socialized medical care.

My attitude about healthcare here, is we dont need socialized medical care. What we need is health insurance reform.

> When you are suffering with mental illness in England,and are mentally weak it is all to easy for the doctor to ease you out of the treatment room with a prescription for some more pills to pop.I always get the impression that they don't really care.

I wish you could come to the USA to live.

> I am hoping to get to the docs tomorrow.I am armed to the hilt with info now which is great for me,but he won't like it one little bit.I am determined to be strong tomorrow and get to the bottom of this.Thank-you for your help.I'll update here tomorrow to let you all know how I get on.Thanks again.Catherine1812

Yes...stand up for yourself Catherine. Remember, you dont suffer from an "emotional" disorder. You suffer from a real illness...a brain based illness. Let your doctor know how you feel. Print out some of these posts, the posts about SPECT and PET and things like that. Show your doctor how you feel about your illness...its not something to be trivialized and blown off as an "emotional" problem.

Be brave, even when you feel like shit and nobody believes in you.

Old School




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