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Balancing Supplements » Annie Z.

Posted by IsoM on December 19, 2001, at 18:07:28

In reply to Re: About the Supplement » IsoM, posted by Annie Z. on December 19, 2001, at 17:33:18

Annie, a lot of people have no idea of what kind of nutrients we need or how much, or the difference between minimum daily requirements, recommended daily requirements, & special requirements due to illness, heredity, or stresses, both physical or mental. But seeing how eager people are to do it right, it's not that difficult to learn & educate themselves correctly.

I buy my supplements separately, halibut liver oil capsules, a calcium/magnesium/B6 mixture (because of my special needs), vitamin E capsules, time-released vitamin C, & more, then mix mine. It does mean I have more pills to swallow than I want to but cheaper & I'd say, more effective. I also don't buy them at a health food store. I've found most times, health food stroes are expensive as compared to large chain grocery & pharmacy stores.

Some vitamins that are synthesized in a lab are different than the natural vitamins. Vitamin E is one. Just like people have been reading that there's a new one-sided form of Celexa coming out & have learned about different isomers of a chemical, so it is with E. The left-handed man-made version is not nearly as effective & has side-effects. The natural right-handed vitamin E is therefor the one I buy. But many other vitamins whether made in a lab or made by a plant are the same form. And if it's identical, I'm not going to pay more to have it extracted from a plant than the much cheaper, but just as effective version that's been synthesized in a lab instead.

One reason I'm leery about gingo biloba is it's blood-thinning properties. Yes, it should be stopped before elective surgery but many people don't even think about it when needing a tooth pulled. And unless, a person has medically "thick" blood, we never know when we could have a serious accident & suffer major blood loss from such a herb.

I'm as equally skeptical about any claims I read from drug companies, new research, news bulletins, & health food claims. I like to investigate myself, reading all the pros & cons, & by holding it up to known tried & true science.

Remember the big news a few years ago how shark cartilage was such a cure-all for cancers? It became so overblown so fast. All the scientists had reported is that there seemed to be a protective agent in their cartilage that stopped cancer. Soon everyone wanted it & sharks were killed by the hundreds of thousands just for their cartilage, upsetting the balance in sea life. The problem was this compound is too large & complex a molecule to be taken orally. And the flurry over sharks not developing cancer was found to be false anyway. I prefer common sense & caution in all things.


> Finally…someone with a calmer, more reasonable approach to the subject. I appreciate this.
> Actually, I agree with a lot with what you said.
> I think you make a good point about the Gingo Biloba. Gingo Biloba must me stopped some days before elective surgery, due to the blood issue. (True Hope does say, also, to stop this drug some time before elective surgery.)
> If I remember correctly, TH’s dosage of GB (per 8 or 16 tablets) is much lower than by those who supplement with GB alone. Sorry, I can’t remember the figures. If anyone is interested, please contact TH.
> >. . . it's just that their supplement is VERY expensive & a person could pay FAR, FAR less by just buying their own combination.
> Didn’t realize that this passage was your writing, I thought it was stjames.’ I see now that it is your’s. I respond to this paragraph in a post to stjames. Had I read your above statements first, I would have been a lot gentler than I am to stjames.




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