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Re: got a zanaflex prescription - SLS

Posted by JohnX2 on November 30, 2001, at 22:51:01

In reply to Re: got a zanaflex prescription; wish me luck SLS, posted by JohnX2 on November 30, 2001, at 22:36:34


BTW, flesinoxan was dropped by Solvay
from testing. Apparently the side effect profile
was bad. So I don't think it will be hitting
the market.

I think the closest thing you can come to
not taking an anti-psychotic is Serzone.
The other choice is Ketanserin, but I don't
know if it is still available anywhere.
When I took Serzone, it also completely relieved
both my pain and my tolerance. It was the
only anti-depressant to do this, so I'm still
studying why this may be the case. Now I wonder
if it has anti-muscarinic effects based off
my chlorpheniramine maleate experience.
Serzones alpha-1 antagonism and 5ht-2 antagonism make it similar
to zyprexa. But I think Serzone is a fairly potent
alpha-1 antagonist, as it makes people so darn
drowsy. I was thinking taking Serzone with
Provigil may be a good combo. Assuming the
Serzone prevents Provigil poop out. Serzone
completely prevented caffeine poop-out for


> Hi Scott,
> With my insurance I got a prescription of
> 1 month of zanaflex to be taken 4 mg at night
> and 2 mg in the morning. Cost me $20. Not sure
> what it would be without insurance. It seems
> the therapeutic dose could vary wildly based off
> what I read, so I'm not sure what will be
> effective for me (if at all). If it works I will
> push my neurologist to let me get the extended
> release version from europe. I have also wanted
> to try Tenex, but my pdoc is a weeny and poop-pooed
> that idea. Tenex can be taken once a day and
> is also supposed to be better than clonodine.
> As a side not, I am still completly baffled at
> how I am responding to the anti-histamine
> chlorpheniramine maleate. I tend to get swelling,
> sinus type pressure especially after staying up
> for a long time or drinking too much caffeine to
> the point that it no longer gets me a buzz and
> sometimes if I drink alcohol I get head pressure.
> I just reached a point 2 yrs ago when caffeine
> would never give me a buzz and I always have these
> weird headaches and then the severe mood problems.
> I'm wondering if his whole stupid thing could be
> allergy related. It started 4 yrs
> after I moved to Austin. Shortly after I started
> to become sensitive to allergies in Austin (which
> is the allergy capitol of the world and people
> tend to develop allergies after 2-4 yrs of
> residency), I went down hill.
> I have also noticed that at times if I travel say up north
> and the weather is dry and the heat is on, then
> I get a bad pressure headache. Anyways, I was
> taking benadryl to help me sleep, but then stumbled
> onto chlortrimetron and it didn't work well to
> help me sleep, so I took a whopper dose and whamo,
> no depression, and a dopamine buzz. Drinking caffeine
> gives me a buzz and clears up sinuses like
> taking pseudoephedrine. The effect doesn't poop
> out??? I've heard of allergy induced depressions
> and interactions between acetylcholine-noradrenaline
> so that's where i am heading in my testing.
> As far as neurontin went, It was well tolerated.
> It helped relieve anxiety and peripheral tingling
> from the klonopin withdrawal the last time I tried
> to stop klonopin, but it never was really effective
> at getting rid of the head pain and it didn't
> allow for a robust anti-depressant response.
> Lamictal is strange in that it has a small
> thereapuetic window for me of 150-225 mg. If I
> go to 300 mg, I get severe emotional numbing and
> head pain. I know now from reading about nmda
> receptors that there is a fine balance between
> too much and too little stimulation.
> Well I hope you find an anti-dote to your
> problem. If the zanaflex doesn't work I'll
> stay on the anti-histamine. Mean time I'm
> going to study the muscarinic system some
> more to figure why benadryl doesn't help
> but chlorpheniramine does. At this point it
> is whatever works.....
> Regards,
> John
> > Hi John.
> >
> > > I've seen many references to Clonodine (Catapres)
> > > being used for benzo withdrawl. I think this is
> > > fairly common. I haven't seen much about Zanaflex.
> >
> > I was just becoming interested in tizanidine. I've already broached the subject of using clonidine with my doctor. He knows my feelings regarding my reactions to idazoxan and mirtazepine.
> >
> > I saw some stuff indicating that tizanidine might be as effective as clonidine in mitigating opioid withdrawal symptoms, but without the hypotensive side effects. I am looking forward to see you do well with it. Another drug that I would like to see brought to market is flesinoxan. Like buspirone, it is a 5-HT1a agonist. However, unlike buspirone (and ipsapirone), I don't think it has any metabolites that antagonize NE alpha-2 receptors. Woo hoo!
> >
> > I don't seem to be able to read or write in volume lately, so I apologize for not replying to some of your other posts. Besides, I would have to do quite a bit of remedial reading just to understand it all! So many interactions between circuits! I'm afraid I might blow the few I have left should I decide to try. :-) I am grateful that someone here is so strong at understanding neural circuitry and integrating it with the chemistry of neurotransmission.
> >
> > Is the Zanaflex being prescribed for myofacial pain? Is it expensive?
> >
> > By the way, how do you respond to Neurontin?
> >
> >
> > - Scott




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