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Re: barbs, opioids, etc. Elizabeth

Posted by nightlight on November 25, 2001, at 16:52:00

In reply to barbs, opioids, etc. nightlight, posted by Elizabeth on November 23, 2001, at 19:40:05

> > Plain codeine did nothing for my depression, nor did any of the other many painkillers I have used in search of relief from intense cervical pain. Not even the beloved Vicodins from which I have known so many to find tremendous depression relief. ONLY the F#3's for me.

> That's weird. Did you ever take Fiorinal (or Fioricet) without the codiene?


Yes, did not get the same effect, on my pain or depression.

> > Darvocette 100-2x's a day
> Propoxyphene, the main ingredient in Darvocet, is a *really* weak synthetic opioid. ("Darvocet" is how it's spelled, BTW. The "-cet" ending just means it has Tylenol (aCETaminophen) in it, as with Fioricet -- plain propoxyphene is Darvon.) Propoxyphene is pretty comparable to codeine, in terms of how well it relieves pain, I think (the doses are different, of course).

Propoxyphene napsylate is the main ingredient in Darvocet. (Thanks for the spelling lesson) and propoxyphene hydrochloride is the main ingredient in Darvon. Altho, there is Darvon-N, which is actually propoxyphene napsylate! Darvon 65mgs. is equal in strength to propoxyphene napsylate 100 mgs. Due to that difference (I would think) propoxyphene is considered to be 2/3 to equal the strength of codeine phosphate 30mgs (what u get in Tyl #3, Fiorinal #3, or Fioricet #3).

> > carisoprodal 350 mgs. prn daily
> Soma is a good muscle relaxant (although not "potent"). I tried this one for back pain ("myofascial pain syndrome") as well as Fioricet; the Soma worked much more reliably.

My description of Soma as potent is strictly empirically based. I tried I had tried Skelaxin, Robaxin, Flexeril & others I cannot remember w/no relief. One doc prescribed finally prescribed clonazepam. Bingo! It worked well for about 2 yrs. I still take it for anxiety and mood regulation, but my myofascial pain got outta hand again. I had asked about soma in the past, but was denied it due to its *supposed* recreational properties. (It had been recommended by ny hairdresser who also had a herniated cervical disc).An ortho finally asked if I had ever tried it, put me on that & the darvocet, and I eased out of a pain flare that had lasted for weeks. I had been taking the Fiorinal #3 but it really had begun to affect me adversely, made me feel worse, like I had more toxins building up in my muscle tissues and more pain.
By the way, what would you consider to be a *potent* muscle relaxer?

> > propanolol 40 mgs. 2 x's a day
> What's this one supposed to be for? I don't think I've ever heard of beta-blockers being used for pain (twice-a-day dosing of propranolol is pretty unusual too).

Why is twice daily dosing unusual? I starting using Inderal/propanolol abbout 4 yrs. ago to helpw/migraine preventio & hypertension that I experienced in the yr. or 2 after my baby was born. I first took 120mgs.extended release once a day. But, my blood pressure was lowish on that, so I went down to 80mgs a day, but,I took it in 2 40mg tabs9immediate release) that were scored. Eventually, my high blood pressure disappeared, don't know why, so now, I only take the propanolol as needed. I can break the tablets easily into 20 or even 10 mgs, as needed. But, some every day. Sometimes only 20 and sometimes up to 80. It is quite good for the squeezing chest pressure I feel when particularly anxious, and if I feel headachey, have visual auras, etc. I use it to help w/potential migraine.

> > Yes, 'endogenous', simply, I believe, to let me know that he believed that there was something off-balance in my physical chemistry and had been, for a very long time. He knew that my previous pdoc thought I was experiencing 'situational' depression and dysfunction and that, even tho no A-D's were working for me, (or ever had, in the many years of drug trials), I'd get better when my environment became less stressful.
> Ah. The expression "endogenous depression" is used more in the UK and some other places than here, but the UK definition is different from what your pdoc meant (they use it to mean what DSM-IV calls "major depression with melancholic features" -- helpful to know if you're ever reading European psychiatric literature).

I have not delved much into the DSM-IV, I've had way too little free time in the past few yrs., so my grasp of psychiatric argot is weak. I want to learn a lot more. You must be educated in order to be an activist for and protector of your own body/brain and it's 'idiosyncracies' (to put it benignly).

> I don't think it's very useful to say that a case of depression is "situational" or "non-situational" since "situational" depression often responds to meds and "non-situational" depression can be very hard to treat (with meds or otherwise).

And, I have read some articles that say otherwise, that they both respond almost equally well to medication (and time). Weird.

Also the distinction isn't always that clear. (IMO, it usually isn't clear at all.)

I have to agree w/you there! Thanks for your response.





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