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Help for Insomnia Plus Anergy

Posted by beccab on November 24, 2001, at 23:26:32

Hi, everyone.
I'm new to psycho-babble. I am 21 and have been depressed since I was in grade school. My main symptom is pretty severe anhedonia, and my second worst is poor sleep/insomnia. I tend wake up a lot and dream a lot and sleep very very lightly. I don't feel like I ever get deep sleep. Under certain circumstances it will take me several hours to fall asleep and then I will wake up in the middle of the night absolutely wide awake (yet exhausted) and not be able to get back to sleep.
My depression is the extremely anergic type and I have a lot of problems with disabling fatigue and mental cloudiness. I do have some anxiety, but it is not so bad as the other symptoms. So, I am trying to find a drug or drug combo that will rid me of the anhedonia and anergy, whil simultaneously allowing me to actually sleep at night.
I started taking reboxetine 2 weeks ago I don't think I am up to a therapeutic dosage. This drug is not helping my sleep, but is not hurting it too much either, since I have been titrating slowly. I was really interested in reboxetine's supposed ability to increase motivation and social functioning (which is a huge problem for me- I am unable to feel the feeling of "like" towards other people for the most part).
I am thinking about adding remeron for its sleep inducing properties, but I am concerned about two things: 1. Will remeron necessarily increase REM sleep? I don't need any more but would probably accept more if I could just get some deep sleep too. 2. I really don't want increased appetite. The reboxetine has blessedly decreased my appetite. I wonder if a remeron/reboxetine combo might give me good sleep, motivation and no increased appetite. Can anyone else think of a better sleep drug for me?
I am also seriously considering mirapex for the anhedonia. It sounds really good.
One other thing is that I am trying to get back to college in about 5 weeks and I know that is not a lot of time. If anyone can offer me any advice about getting better ASAP, I would really appreciate it.
Here is what I have taken previously: Prozac, Paxil, ( no effect good or bad for either), Tofranil (nothing), Wellbutrin (nothing), Elavil for sleep (poor quality sleep and hangover), 5-HTP and St. John's Wort, stupidly taken in higher than recommended doses (ANxiety and sleeplessness for three days with suicidal ideation).
That's about all I can think of. Thanks a lot.





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