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Re: Methadone/opiates for dep./addendum/Elizabeth

Posted by nightlight on November 23, 2001, at 16:33:45

In reply to Re: Methadone/opiates for depression Elizabeth, posted by nightlight on November 23, 2001, at 9:06:29


Darvocette 100-2x's a day

clonazepam 2mgs a day usually am & pm, as needed

propanolol 80mgs a day, 40 in the am the rest prn

carisoprodal 350mgs *3* x's a day, also prn, but usually take at least 2.(Soma-muscle relaxer)

These are rx'd by my g.p.for chronic pain, and I can play with the dosages, depending upon need, up to these designated dosages. Darvocette is a lightweight narcotic, and would not be sufficient in an acute pain phase. But, for now, while pain is on lower end of the scale, I can deal with this small dosage of actual narcotic painkiller..

My pdoc has prescribed:

Adderall (mixed amphetamine salts)30 mgs. 2x's a day
Zoloft 50 mgs nightly

He is aware of my other meds, of course. I saw him Wed. and mentioned I was STILL fairly useless, brainwise and physically after 2p.m.
So, he is switching me to dexedrine, in 5 mg. tabs, so I can dose more often, as needed, accordingly, and titrate as needed. Don't know what the difference will be, but, for me, the Adderall was a definite improvement, but maybe too subtle. I could take 20-30 mgs. an hour before getting up in the morning, and still sleep thru the alarm sometimes! Now I have 2 alarms.
I had tried ritalin in the past, but HATED it. It did not stimulate anything in me except irritable agitation which lasted about 45 minutes and then I needed a nap & that was only at max daily dosing, otherwise, I was just mean and tired at lower dosing.

> > > I am now on a very low-dose narcotic, 60 mgs. stimulent, 2 mgs. klonopin and apotent muscle relaxer.
> >
> > Again...which narcotic and which muscle relaxant, and what are the doses? (just curious)
> >
> > > I haave only recently been diagnosed ADD w/endogenous depression,

> > Did the doctor call it "endogenous depression," or was the exact diagnosis something else. I'm curious because "endogenous depression" is an expression that's not used much anymore in psychiatry. Do you live in the USA?


Yes, 'endogenous', simply, I believe, to let me know that he believed that there was something off-balance in my physical chemistry and had been, for a very long time. He knew that my previous pdoc thought I was experiencing 'situational' depression and dysfunction and that, even tho no A-D's were working for me, (or ever had, in the many years of drug trials), I'd get better when my environment became less stressful.(My father had recently died of a sudden heart attack and my mom was diagnosed w/organic brain syndrome soon after-I was her caregiver and I had a 4-yr old running around-she was a 40th birthday surprise-my only child-and the backpain situation which had forced me to quit work, leaving all financial responsibility to my husband, etc, etc....). It was a plateload, but so is life, and I was depressed when everything around me had been close to perfect. Former p-doc was downright belligerent.I had been ill for years, but just had not been able to convince him of that. I quit him after 6 months. That was one yr. ago.

I've only seen my present therapist twice. But, we covered a lot of ground. He is perceptive, kind, insightful, *happy* and very intelligent, in an unassuming way-a pleasure to 'visit'.

I'm supposed to see him every 3 wks., but the NYC disaster and another event have interfered w/our seeing each other more often.

He says, at this time, no clear-cut diagnosis, except depression, anxiety and God knows what else.
But, was optimistic about the future, as am I.

Interestingly, I have found out that propoxyphene, the narcotic componenent of darvocette, is a potentiator of amphetamine. I guess even drugs can get a little help from their friends! (However, this is a characteristic that can be quite dangerous in some situations..)

> > > Stimulents are what I have needed all along, but, couldn't seem to convince docs why (another story).
> >
> > For me, opioids act like I would expect stimulants to act!
> >
> > -elizabeth

YES! That is how the F#3 affected me, not a downer, but a depression lifter and motivator to work. I could concentrate better and get things accomplished.

ps: yes, I do live in the good ol' U. S. of A.

> Dear Elizabeth~
> Present regimen:
> Darvocette 100-2x's a day
> clonazepam 1mg a.m-1mg pm
> carisoprodal 350 mgs. prn daily
> propanolol 40 mgs. 2 x's a day
> Zoloft 50 mgs. nightly
> Adderall 30 mgs. a.m. and mid-day
> Will answer more about diagnoses later, it's still a bit fuzzy, my therp is not big on labeling, & I am a bit of a 'mix'.
> But, pdoc said ADD straight out, altho that may have been in order to get me on the stims I needed immediately and out of the dark hole I was mired in at the time.
> More later~
> nightlight




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