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Re: I wonder why...

Posted by JGalt on November 3, 2001, at 22:04:53

In reply to I wonder why..., posted by Gracie2 on November 3, 2001, at 18:42:51

Nothing, as far as I know. Its simply that you can buy some medications OTC and with a prescription.

A significant number of weight loss products contain ephedrine (I love ephedrine, and when I'm on an MAOi, I love very tiny dosese of ephedrine) and guafenstien (which is an expectorant I believe, makes it easier to hack up stuff in your throat, the ephedrine is what gets rid of congestion). The guaf. is only included in products for weightloss because 1. Ephedrine could kill you in high enough doses, Guaf in the ratio in these products would make you throw up long before that 2. Ephedrine alone in a pill would be WAY too easy to convert to methamphetamine.

Ephedrine and Psuedoephedrine each work equally good as decongestants, but ephedrine has a lot of other peripheral effects that are much stronger than psuedo, such as: NE stimulation (wonderful when you have a cold and are tired/unmotivated) appetite suppression (who's going to complain about that?), slight increase of metabolism. In high doses (which varies from person to person, for me, anything higher than 50mgs at a time while not on an maoi can cause slight anxiety and tremor...and euphoria if you combine it right), it can cause anxiety, euphoria, irritability, tremors, shakiness, and hyperactivity (till you develop a tolerance, which interestingly could be counteracted by Remeron or Yohimbine). Pseudoephedrine also has these effects but the doses you'd have to take to achieve them would be ridiculous.

The guaf. is really unnecessary for decongestant purposes. Just makes the phlem easier to hack up. Honestly I've never been able to hack up an ounce of phlem in my life and I don't see that it helps the people who do, their body just produces more while they have the bug. Pseudoephedrine is available in tons of OTC products. That plus a little tylenol is good if you don't want to risk side effects.

Of course, if you wouldn't mind the possibility of some mild sides, I'd go with real ephedrine. Metabolife, ripped fuel, diet fuel, all contain ephedrine (herbal form), albiet rather expensively due to their brand names. If you don't mind the taste of strong coffee or are good at swallowing drinks with powders floating on top of them, then simply buy standardized ephedra powder. 1/8th of a teaspoon and good bye cold type symptoms. I've seen it a few places but the cheapest and fastest service I've found is Lots of interesting things there, the ephedra is in the herbal section. 165x 1/8th teaspoon doses (25mg ephedrine) for $6 I believe.

That was probably more info than you really needed so I guess I'll stop there before I write a 10 page thesis about it.





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