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Re: lamical with ssri? jazzdog

Posted by JahL on November 3, 2001, at 19:07:55

In reply to Re: lamical with ssri? JahL, posted by jazzdog on November 2, 2001, at 17:23:34

> JahL - I'm sorry the lamictal and prozac haven't been helpful. I read various earlier posts that turned up with a search of 'lamictal', and yours were some that gave me hope. Didn't you say you responded at 25 mg? Do you think you might have done better if you'd stayed there instead of titrating upward?

No. My 'response' was characterised by mild hypomania which, whilst enjoyable in small doses, was never going to be sustainable. I don't think the response was related to the dose; it was actually the addition of Klonopin (which does nothing alone) that kick-started things, almost immediately. From the very first high I could feel the effect gradually dwindling & I continued to raise the dose only to chase that original feeling.

I wonder how significant the fact that Klonopin reinforces the Lamictal is. I think that Cam said it elsewhere that Lamictal, whilst being increasingly recognised as a useful agent, is probably best viewed as an adjunctive MS. As my case demonstrates, Lamictal alone has the potential to precipitate mania. I think the addtn of more MSs is the way forward for me...

That said, I think you have fair cause for optimism. Currently I think a little more clearly which obviously helps re: connecting to the real world and my DP/R is certainly better at present than it has been in the past. I intend to stick with Lamictal for the time being...

> Thank god for the dpunit at Maudsley - otherwise there'd be no hope at all.

I've been less than impressed with previous Maudsley pdocs I've met but (so far) I like this unit. The people running it are pretty young & still have that 'youthful zeal' so often missing in the jaded types I tend to see.

>There's so little research on this dissociative state, probably because its sufferers appear normal from the outside.

I think that has alot to do with it. Also, it's so hard to quantify ["so, how removed from reality do you feel today?" "what's reality?"]. There's plenty of pdoc ignorance surrounding the condition. It took a year of me talking about 'being stuck in a trance', of persistent visual distortions and of feeling like I was permanently stuck 'on a trip' before some bright spark suggested derealisation.

> But inside, we feel like we're sleepwalking through a dream. I have an incredibly fragmented sense of self, and feel disconnected from everything pretty much all the time.

I would say at this point that I empathise incredibly but as you no doubt know, DP frequently involves detachment from emotion; can't say I experience anything other than anger. But yeah, I know exactly how you feel.

> Yes, I have seen the Maudsley site. Have you seen the depersonalization boards at

Just had a look. Looks a bit 'chatty' for unsociable old me, but it's obviously early days there. Have you seen the board affiliated to the Maudsley? I have enough trouble keeping up with this board (PB) but a friend of mine speaks highly of it. Now defunct but plenty of archives...





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