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Re: Borderline Personality Disorder Meds Elizabeth

Posted by sar on October 30, 2001, at 15:39:20

In reply to Re: Borderline Personality Disorder Meds sar, posted by Elizabeth on October 29, 2001, at 10:18:57

> Hi there. I'll believe you if you say you were drunk when you wrote this, but I'm responding anyway. :-) (You didn't sound drunk, BTW.)

thanks...but i was many more than 3 sheets to the wind... :)

> After my parents read the book, they gave me a print of the Vermeer painting from which the book takes its title ("Girl Interrupted at Her Music" - My life has been "interrupted" too (I was diagnosed with depression when I was 14, and it got a lot worse in college).

thanks for the link to the painting, i stared at it for quite awhile...

> She'd attempted suicide (or made what is sometimes called a "suicide gesture" -- I was never clear as to why she did it). And back in those days, once you were in the psych hospital you'd often be stuck there for months or even years.

yeah...i guess i just know too many people who have attempted it or made "gestures" to consider it weird. you get so depressed sometimes that it just makes sense...

> I think adolescence should be considered a mental illness. :-)

ha ha...what about early adulthood?

> > that's why my psychoanalyst would not dx me as "borderline," though she said i probably met 5 or 6 of the citeria.
> I guess that made you "borderline borderline?" < g >'s another interesting thing: she's a freudian psychoanalyst (i've stopped seeing her) and believed that depression must be preceeded by a personality every depressed person is at least mildly personality-disordered. what do you make of that?

> I don't think that people with BPD have such a high suicide rate -- it's probably close to the rate for major depression or bipolar disorder, maybe a little lower. Anyway, don't life insurance policies usually refuse to pay if the death is a suicide?

i'm not sure about that, she just mentioned the life dad is actually having a very difficult time getting life insurance right now--physically healthy man who's led a clean life, but he dabbled in AD's in the nineties...and the insurance co's don't want him...

> Did he give any reason for considering you histrionic? Sometimes the way that we appear to other people is very different from how we feel inside, so it's not impossible that a social phobic could appear histrionic -- but it does seem pretty unlikely!

mmmm...skimpy clothes, i was a little bit drunk, and my social anxiety tends to melt away if i'm in the company of only one other person. also, it's been shown that many people with social anxiety don't *appear* to have can't *see* heart palpitations or butterflies in the stomach, sweaty underarms, or another person's tunnel's possible to act like a completely normal person while experiencing those symptoms.


> I can see that. A lot of people don't get how a financially well-off, educated person who had a pretty good childhood could be seriously depressed -- it's a problem I've run into as well.

yes, i'm glad you were able to make sense of what i wrote, i was gittin kinda riled up over it--he told me, "oh, you've just read too much Ayn Rand." (i've never read any of her books, nor do i want to.) "too much Camus," he said then. i could have bitten him.

thanks, Elizabeth.

take care,




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