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Re: Meds not working?U Deserve Treatment!GOTO EMERG!!! adamie

Posted by jay on October 29, 2001, at 16:24:57

In reply to Re: Meds not working?U Deserve Treatment!GOTO EMERG!!!, posted by adamie on October 29, 2001, at 15:31:20


I live in Canada too...good day eh!..heh. I am surprised that if the Effexor or Celexa didn't work out, they didn't add another med(s). I don't even believe you have to be bipolar to take other meds too. I think just because of the complexity of our depression, often add-on meds can work.

Have you asked your doctor about adding other meds? There are many others to try. I too have had problems with Celexa and Effexor, but the addition of a few other meds has helped quite a bit.

If you are not happy with your current doc, don't be afraid to go to another. Or, ask around and try to find a doc who is open to liberal medication treatment.


> hi. i would feel more free to admit myself to a hospital if they didn't force certain meds on me. I stayed at a hospital for 1 month earlier. I admit myself because a medication was making me worse and I felt suicidal. Constant mind torture. I was doing better being off the old med (effexor) but then afterwards I was put on a new med (celexa) and I was becoming progressively worse and worse to the point of constant mind torture once again. And I had no choice between taking or not taking the med. I felt like escaping from the hospital. I live in Canada by the way. It was quite the horrible experience. for others it would be good to admit themselves since most dont deal with worsening of depression on medication. But for me it has been hell.
> > I posted this on another message, but I think this is of DIRE importance. We who are getting treatment for mental health problems seem to ALWAYS be treated as second-class patients. AS IF suicide is some how not as deadly as cancer or a heart attack!
> >
> > After many years of treatment, as well as being on the other side of the helping field, suicide and mental illness are at EPIDEMIC rates. What we need is a 'sea-change', to start being aggressive (or better, assertive) in DEMANDING care, and not letting the medical community shun us.
> >
> > Andrew Solomon in The Noonday Demon say's it quite well, in that the hospital should NOT be a last resort, but a place we should feel free to go WHENEVER we feel needed. I know this is very tough for Americans in particular, because of your for-profit medical system, but be forward and direct in your needs. The U.N. and Amnesty International directly point out health-care IS A RIGHT..period!
> >
> > EVERY single person on this planet deserves good and proper medical care, not just those who can afford it.
> > Go through as MANY doctors as needed until you get what you want, and a treatment you feel good about. DON'T SETTLE for second best....don't settle for just feeling 50 percent fine. You are undervaluing yourself and your rights.
> >
> > If you are having a rough time, again, don't be afraid to goto emergency, or get admission to the hospital...and don't BE SHY about it. Demand another doctor..and another...and and all of us owe it to ourselves! This is the 21'st century for gawwds sake...not the 18th! We have amazing strides in medicine....and the level and quality of care MUST keep stride! Rattle the cage, demand, and you might really surprise yourself.
> >
> > YOU are worth it...YOU deserve it...WE ALL DO!
> >
> > /rant :-)
> >
> > Jay




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