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Re: More Serzone questions

Posted by dove on October 29, 2001, at 15:23:36

In reply to More Serzone questions, posted by martin741 on October 26, 2001, at 19:55:31

> Any tips on how to dosage Serzone alone, and spesially how to avoid insomnia?
> Or is a combo the best way?
> Martin

Wow! This seems to be a common phenomenon with Serzone.... What *exactly*, does Serzone do??!! I have been unable to pinpoint Serzone's effects. Sometimes it's sedating, other times it's invigorating? I have never taken Serzone as a singular treatment med, so I have no idea how it would work other than allowing me to sleep very well.

Over the years I have read many accounts of Serzone causing strong agitation, outbursts of anger, very negative reactions; and even more strange, after 3-6 weeks, those negatives disappear, leaving a much calmer person in its wake. You will find very bad reports and very positive reports on this med. It is a sibling or cousin--if you will--of Trazadone, which is known to be extremely sedating. Trazadone was apparently too dirty for the mere sedation, anti-depressant, and anxiety disorders; thusly, they cleaned and tweaked and the result was Serzone.

I know Serzone has a very beneficial effect on my sleep whenever I take 100 mgs.-150 mgs. 15 minutes or so before bed. I did run-out of Amitriptyline a few times, and had to take my bedtime Serzone all by its lonesome, and I went to sleep just fine and still felt wonderful in the morning. The Amitriptyline leaves a little bit more of a dulled effect for the first hour or so in the morning which wasn't present when I only had the Serzone. However, by late afternoon, there was a definite drop in my mood. I believe that my missed Amitriptyline was the cause. So, Serzone doesn't seem to have any great effect on my depression, but it does seem to *help* everyday anxiety and moodiness. I always say that Serzone softens the rough edges.

Dosing??? Currently, I'm taking 400 mgs per day; and I split that amount into 100 mgs. morning, noon, evening, and bedtime. Sometimes I'll split my noon dose and add 50 mgs. to my bedtime dosage. I have never been prescribed Celexa, so I have no idea if it's sedating or invigorating. Do you take the Celexa in multiple doses throughout the day or in one big swig? What time of the day are you taking it?

If we're talking insomnia here, then, was the Celexa prescribed for that reason alone? Serzone is definitely a great sleep enhancer, it actually affects one's sleep structure in a beneficial manner, it heals those wounds of never entering that restorative sleep. I don't know how many mgs. you are taking or planning on taking?

I have used (and still do) Melatonin for severe emergency insomnia episodes. I always have Melatonin on hand. Although, I only use the sublingual form, since the other seems to not work for me or it works in a very negative manner. The sublingual comes in much lower dosages than the swallow kind, and it melts under your tongue, almost allowing one to rest their mind through the melting alone.

I like to lie on my back--eyes relaxed and closed, room must be very dark, no light whatsoever if possible, and consciously let go of my body, becoming dead weight, letting myself sink into the bed (it's hard to describe--but after 5 babies I learned that you either let your body go or you fight with pain controlling your entire being). Trying to remain in the deadweight influence, the Melatonin is put under the tongue and allowed to melt, thoughts should be loose--but no picking and choosing--no focusing, just let the cherry or mint flavored Melatonin becoming a sweetness in my mouth and letting go of my control centers. This is after I've taken my Amitriptyline and Serzone and am still struggling.

Just one more path to ponder :o)

Hope you're able to make sense of what I wrote!





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