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Re: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and etc.

Posted by JGalt on October 29, 2001, at 2:09:42

In reply to Re: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and etc. JGalt, posted by JohnX2 on October 29, 2001, at 0:58:31

Well actually the stated reason it was banned was because some girls died off of it after some guys slipped it in their drinks and raped them. Never mind that alcohol is used to rape hundreds of women each year, no where near the level of the very isolated incidences of GHB rapes, and the fact that GHB is not harmful if used without other depressants (all the deaths occurred when it was combined with alcohol, rophyenol or other hard depressants, particular those involving the alchol reducing enzymes). The actual number of deaths was extremely low, but it was banned anyway. There is some speculation that the real reason is because it induces Stage 4 sleep (in pass out doses), which is very much needed in nacrolepsy, and it is a potent anti-suicidal and antidepressant amongst other things in non-passout doses. Of course, being a natural chemical present in small amounts even in food, it couldn't be patented. So, the feds made it illegal, and thus opened the way for the pharmaceutical companies to come in and make the drug at several hundred times profit under the brand name Xyrem. Its supposed to inhibit dopamine release but not production and storage, and cause said stored dopamine to be released upon coming down off the drug (thus causing a user to suddenly wake up 4 hrs after a dose if they take a knock out dose and their body didn't really want to be asleep). The bodybuilding aspect is due to the fact that it raises growth hormone levels (in response to the stored dopamine), however, it also raises prolactin levels, thus indirectly lowering testosterone and raising estrogen (very mildly) thus cancelling out any benefits from the growth hormone. It's also supposed to be an agonist to certain (unknown) parts of the GABA system. Its used in other countries as an antisuicidal, an antidepressant, an antianxiety, an antidysthymic, and to treat nacrolepsy by helping users reach the deeper but yet non-rem stages of sleep. I don't think you'll find too much more if you research it. LD-50 in humans is supposed to be about 300 grams. Anything over 4 grams is a knockout dose in almost everyone. Between 2-4 is the therapuetic range for the other disorders I mentioned. Pretty large safety factor in there. Roughly 36mg's I believe in an average sized steak. It was originally legal and sold well. Then it was made illegal, GBL became popular since it converts to GHB in the body, or you can convert it yourself with only NaCl. That was made illegal too, so 1,4 Butanediol is enjoying its day in the sun until more/all the states ban it. Then who knows where. Well enough about that. I don't have mania so I guess I don't get to test it.

I downloaded the cpc viewer and made up an email account. Email the file to Thanks a lot!

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