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Me and my situation JohnX2

Posted by adamie on October 27, 2001, at 21:54:27

In reply to Re: Sleeping too much effects depression? adamie, posted by JohnX2 on October 27, 2001, at 20:37:08

My diagnosis so far is clinical depression caused by accutane but it's very possible I may be bipolar. Lets just say once during my depression even though it was for an extremely short time... I actually felt a little decent and I lacked inhibitions in the form of commiting theft at a theme park in which I got caught. I forget what happened afterwards but somehow my depression became quite severe again. And generally has been severe but if I am off meds it's not too severe. As in livable and not painful to be alive. Whenever I have gone on AD's they all made me worse. Some much more than others. The first day I tried prozac I felt significantly worse. Effexor made me suicidal and caused me to admit myself to a mental hospital. Paxil was my first med. One week into it was when I commited the theft and was feeling a bit decent. Then I felt worse and worse (dont remember though). Wellbutrin made me feel worse. I also tried some natural stuff. SAM-e I felt worked the first few days I tried it but it could have just been coming off a certain med which made it seem that way. I dont remember too well. The 2nd and 3rd time I tried SAM-e (ordered it a few times) I felt no improvement. I also tried Salmon Oil which seemed to have no effect. Also 5-HTP, first time I tried it I felt as if I was better. I tried it again just a few days ago... felt as if it was making me worse but it was probably just the usual me.

All AD's have made me worse so far. I dont want to try them anymore unless it's a non usual AD such as an MAOI or Remeron. I'll be trying Moclobemide in a few days if it arrives.

I am currently on Zyprexa. It's the only thing which hasn't made me feel worse! yet no improvement eighter. Something in those AD's is very bad for me. Celexa caused me to want to escape from the mental hospital where I stayed for 1 month. I was on it for over a week. The longer I stayed on it the worse I felt. By the end it was starting to become very painful to be alive, then it got even worse to the point where I couldn't even function. Also during the celexa period I got almost no sleep at all. I am talking about 2-3 hours of sleep each night. So much mind torture. The celexa was stopped and so was anafranil which I was put on for a few days. I was put back on only zyprexa. The next few days I was recovering from extremely severe suicidal depression. And then I was discharged home.

My depression takes the form of inability to enjoy things. Extreme inability to think, concentrate, and my memory is extremely poor. When the depression was at it's worst periods it would be even hard to read. Also during the depression my sleep has not been effected. If anything this depression causes my sleep to be better than when I was normal. When I was normal I would have a huge imagination and I would just always think of things so it would be hard to fall asleep. yet now I have no imagination. I cant think or concentrate. Such abilities for me are extremely poor. All I do every day is try to pass the time. Every minute is so boring. I am tired of being like this. It is hard for me to do things which I used to with ease. Nothing interests me. I have no motivation to do anything. My life is empty. Before this 'depression' I would always be an extremely happy person. Also my depression seems less severe in the evenings.

Oh and I also have tried 6 treatments of ECT. It seemed to not help. Possibly it helped very very little.

I am planning to try a mood stabilizer. I want to try other classes of medication. AD's are generally not good for me at all.

And regarding the worsening effect they create, Aside from the depression becoming much much worse, they cause the sides of my head to be extremely hot. Also my heart would be pounding constantly. Once I actually had heart pain on one of the worst days.

Regarding side effects from meds... I have dealt with almost none at all. Side effects from all the meds I've tried were almost none.

> Sleeping too much/too little is a sign of
> depression, not necessarily a cause. Too much
> is more lumped into what is called "atypical
> depression". Anyways I think it could exacerbate
> things a bit as this is my experience. If I am
> only mildly depressed, and I force my self out
> of bed to get up and do things, even just taking
> a shower, I often feel good. In fact long term
> sleep deprivation has in some studies anecdotally
> been shown to have an anti-depressant response.
> Ever stayed up to late studying for a Final or
> something and got a little "slap-happy" ?. ;)
> PS. you ask a lot of questions recently
> on this newsgroup. Could you please review for us your diagnosis
> and any failed/positivite medical trials?
> I'll try to dig through
> your old posts, but I just want to make sure that
> we don't give advice inconsistent with your
> diagnosis and experiences.
> -john
> >
> > hi. I have recently been sleeping 10 to 12 hours a day. Does too much sleep worsen depression? I am not feeling too well.




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