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Re: Neurontin+Depakote+lithium+Mitch and anyone else

Posted by Wendy B. on October 22, 2001, at 15:59:13

In reply to Re: Neurontin+Depakote+lithium+Mitch and anyone else susan C, posted by Mitch on October 21, 2001, at 23:39:52

> > OHHHHkayyy,
> >
> > since we are talking aboot all these wonderful meds...I would like your opinions on these questions...
> >
> > Why I didnt try neurotin (pdoc said, we had already tried big guns, so 'gentle' med like neurotin wouldn't help)?
> >
> > Depakote (1000mg) works a little, if I add lithium or neurontin or both, which one first, how much...which second?
> >
> > I took lithium a long time ago and it didn't really help much, but that was by itself and it upset my stomach......what if all three were together?
> >
> > Mulling Mouse
> > susan C
> Hi Susan,
> I think you should try adding the Neurontin. I once saw a pdoc a few years ago that didn't like *retrials* of stuff that you either got no response to or got bad side effects (that was readily attributable to the med in queston). I was skeptical at the time thinking that different combos could turn up different results (sudden tolerability of the previous med or sudden unexpected efficacy in combo with something new). Well.... I am inclined to agree with him (not entirely, but much more so now)after all the crap I have been through over the past several years. So, I suggest adding the Neurontin to your Depakote (because you haven't tried it yet!). I think it would be reasonable to add the NEW med BEFORE you consider retrial in combination of a previous agent that produced either a partial response and/or nasty side effects. I would like to find some form of closure to this circus myself and I have been somewhat dissapointed with retrials of agents.
> Mitch

Arrrgghhh. Mitch, I know what you mean about the circus aspect of all this. I feel the lab rat thing happening... as if I'm slowly poisoning myself to death, just so the therapist can make a point. Not good...

I am so NOT INTO doing this neurontin regimen. I am taking 600 mg every 3 hours. My therp/pdoc says: tell the schoolchildren that you're on medicine for a mental illness and educate them about the issue, don't hide in the closet when you have to dose at 10:00 and 1:00 while you're teaching... Is this a reasonable answer to my question: how do I do this while teaching? I mean, what if it gets to the principal? Then I won't get called to substitute, I don't have a union position like the tenured teachers...

Thank you Kelly (KK) and Susan, as always. Mitch has been exceedingly kind.

Kelly, can you read the other posts above, and give me a response to the therp? She has been great, but won't budge on the neurontin thing, upping the dose as much as possible to eliminate the hypomanic episodes... When I told her I was doing 4200 mgs, even she raised her eyebrows, like 'that's a lot,' but she asked me to do this... I don't know what to do, I've been on the higher dose (raised from 2400 mg per day) for a week now. Today I've felt the cognitive dulling that Mitch mentions, and also some apathy. I just feel >blechy< , slept 3 hours this morning, could not go in to teach, was too sick. Maybe pre-menstrual stuff, maybe pre-mens PLUS being on so much neurontin. And the fact that I was on my feet all weekend at the winery pouring tastes for customers. I couldn't walk when I got home last night...

But I'm veering from the meds issues. Susan, I would try the neurontin as Mitch suggests. It is so easy to take, in lower doses than the one I'm on anyway. Are you totally off the Keppra withdrawal? I would wait till that's done...

love to all,





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