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Re: bye, bye dysthymia, follow up

Posted by JohnX on October 20, 2001, at 11:38:51

In reply to bye, bye dysthymia, posted by JohnX on October 19, 2001, at 0:54:16

Follow up....

Well, the total remission lasted for 2-3 days
which is pretty good actually if you have follow
any of my previous posts. Then I started to get
a little emotional numbing (poop-out) and pain in
my face consistent with my prior responses to
Wellbutrin (and Zoloft).

So, I dropped the Wellbutrin dose to a less
than therapeutic range (to continue to help with
drowsiness without interefering with the facial
pain and numbing).

The Zyprexa is helping, I haven't had any negative
thoughts for 1 week, which is really good, and
without the Wellbutrin or the lower dose of it.
The Zyprexa is ridding me of my pain syndrome
and relieving anxiety, and is helping with my
motivation (or maybe that is the now tolerable
low dose wellbutrin).

My doctor wants me to stay on the Zyprexa even
though I am a bit drowsy and focus on tapering
off the Klonopin (which may help improve my mood
too). He poo-pooed at the idea of adding a low
dose of Zoloft instead of Wellbutrin (which
I will admit I added on the sly). I wanted to
ask about adding some Adderall, but he seems
to be anti-adderall for any bipolar.
Anyways he wants me to focus on the klonopin
tapering 1st, which I agree is a good idea given
that I can.

So, its getting better. I'll remain optimistic.
I have found a consistent trend of meds that
help/worsen my pain and depression, and will
hang in there.

Interestingly the Zyprexa helps with the pain
similar to the Serzone, and it makes me a bit
drowsy. But it doesn't have the cognitive dulling
effect of Serzone. For example, I may feel drowsy
like I had a long day of work on Zyprexa, but
on Serzone I always felt like I had a
long day of work and 3 happy hour beers. ;)

Hanging in there.

Thanks for all your kind words.
I'll keep you posted.


> Hi all,
> Well, I've had another what I would call "an awakening".
> It reminds me of the movie "Awakenings".
> I feel like a hand from above has yanked me from point
> A (crapper) to point B (where the rest fo the world
> lived. I have had a breakout from dysthymia/anhedonia
> that includes *recapturing my emtions*. I feel connected to
> the world again! The last time this happened
> was 2.5 years ago (on St. John's Wort) and it
> lasted only 3 days.
> After 2.5 years of struggling, and a huge list
> of medications, misdiagnosis, therapy, etc. and severe
> phsyical pain on top of the mood problems,
> I seemed to have hit the jackpot. I really hope this
> doesn't fade. My core diagnosis is ptsd with bpii.
> Anyways, I have had spurts of manic europhoria during
> this 2.5 year time span, but never had a feeling of
> "well-being" and being connected to the world.
> I hope this party lasts. I was about ready to give
> up. I'm still pessimistic.
> Anyways, here's what is working:
> - Lamictal 150 mg/day
> - Wellbutrin 300 mg/day
> - Zyprexa 5 mg/day
> - Klonopin 4 mg/day
> Wish me luck; I hope this doesn't slip out
> of my hands. Adding in the Wellbutrin kicked
> things into action. Prior to this I had either
> non-respnse to wellbutrin or short lived mania.
> I tried adding it to the Lamictal alone (before
> zyprexa) and it made my physical pain worse.
> When I took Zyprexa, I found out that the Wellbutrin
> no longer caused pain in my face, so I stayed
> on it and WHAMO!
> Anyways, thanks for everyone's support especially
> AndrewB who took the time to personally communicate
> with me in a compasionate way that helped me feel
> much more optimistic and less misunderstood (not
> to mention the wealth of information).
> PS. AndrewB suggested Zyprexa 1st, but I went other routes.
> Damn. He was right on the money. But he didn't think
> Wellbutrin would ever work, which is at this very
> mokent. ;)
> Thanks for all the support and
> good luck to everybody (including me)
> -John




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