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Re: Effexor Withdrawl

Posted by bradkc on September 5, 2001, at 17:06:32

In reply to Re: Effexor Withdrawl , posted by slazart on June 14, 2001, at 9:56:15

> Thank you Sean and Rosalind for your quick and thoughtful postings. I needed it.
> >
> I am trying to get in to see my doctor today. I called late in the afternoon to see what I should do and the on-call doctor told me I better take a very small dose just to stabilize until I could see my regular GP who knows me. I will bring these posts with me and mention Prozac to ease the withdrawal. He gave me Doxepin in 10 mg doses to begin right away upon my last effexor but I didn't know which effects came from which and I wasn't sure if I could take them at the same time so I did not take one last night after I restarted my effexor. St John's wort never helped me with anxiety/depression so I doubt it would here either. Kava Kava would help me cope in the evenings at times or I would nibble on a Klonopin (a whole made me too drowsy) and managed to make 15 tablets last well over a year. I am not sure I understand the term 'half-life'. I was on Celexa before and in every way it was wonderful except one. It took away my sex drive and having a very healthy relationship with my husband and a good sex life was something I wasn't willing to give up. As Sean said, the effects are innumerable, and I did try to rush the tapering a bit and now am finding that to be a huge mistake. I was supposed to "Ride the Rockies" next week (cycling)and had to drop out but I will still accompany my hubby as he tackles it. I feel like I am going to need to go on vacation to do this or keep taking it unitl I find a time best to handle it.
> Sad to say, I did take another mini dose last night and felt better within an hour and normal (what's that?) within 2. Now I am frustrated because I erased the 3 days off it that I already had under my belt. I play softball, ride my bike everyday and hate the poor coordination both on it and the severity of it in withdrawals. I am very afraid to start this all over again. I am going to need to schedule this with my family (or at least my hubby) because I am going to need back-up. The lack of concentration and as Sean put it confusion, in additon to speach calamity and inability to focus on a customer's needs and take care of tasks will make it very important for me to choose a timely departure from this nightmare!! and all the other nightmares that will come for awhile. I just don't want to be self destructive or harm my loved ones because of bitter and anxious feelings. This isn't their fault and I want to minimize the effect on them.
> I too had the other withdrawals such as urgent bowel mvts (not quite diarrhea)but they were welcome since while on it I had bad constipation. More w/d's exteme electricity-like feeling, nerves completely on-edge, major heart palpatations, again the nightmares, and feelings of obsessively wanting to run (mostly away), stretching or completely tensing up my body to where the nerves go shooting around in my head and cause an adrenaline rush (I was hoping this would expedite my bodies expulsion of this drug or lack of)and when I try to talk.. with every word comes a rush and I have all I can do to hear and concentrate. I also felt violent like I wanted to beat on something (thankfully inanimate objects)or just slap myself to wake up from the strangeness. Just a constant fight. With the w/d's so severe it is too tempting to stay on it! however, I want OFF! because while on it I had insomnia so bad that I worked straight around the clock on a few occasions and never went to bed or even tried... Also included dehydration, pain in joints in a.m. especially hands/feet, very unusual sense of smell & taste changes, change in eyesight (blur), coordination problems (clumsy), bruising, muscle spasms/cramps, some anxiety and since that was something I was wanting rid of...
> The best thing??? That I am not alone. Thank you so much for your postings because I know I am not going nuts and the many things going on will be easier to deal with knowing more about it. It also makes sense to taper off as slowly as possible. I was joking around about crushing a half of the 37.5 and counting granules but I am finding that this is no joke.
> Thanks to all of you who posted responses and my sympathy to those of you going through the w/d's.
> sincerely;
> Sharon
> I am so happy to read these postings. I have been on 300 mg per day of effexor for over a year, and missed my dosage today, I found this site by searching the horrible physical symptoms I was having today, bad electrical like tingling and numbness in my extremeties, and heart palpatations and chills. I had no idea it was from missing this med today. Now I realize what this is from and I feel much better just knowing that, and I have taken my meds even though I thought 4 pm was late, I usually take it all in the am. thanks so much for sharing this, I felt so weird i was ready to go to the er.
Thanks and good luck to all




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