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Re: I read something real scary last night (drugs)HELP gldngodess

Posted by Else on August 3, 2001, at 14:07:37

In reply to I read something real scary last night (drugs)HELP, posted by gldngodess on August 3, 2001, at 13:46:55

>Does that make anyone else worry, sometimes I feel like I have to save the world because no one has faith in God anymore? I am narcissistic and dominant natured

Yes. Authoritarian would be a better word though. LSD has been very beneficial to me in the past. It's not an "evil" drug, just one people should be very careful with. Faith in God has brought its share of trouble to humanity (remember the Inquisition? Probably not).
I think your post is mostly irrelevant. Urban legends about kids being given LSD don't have much to do with psychopharmacology. LSD is not addictive in any way and if drug dealers gave drugs to kids it would probably not be this one. I'm sorry to be so blunt but your post contains all the paranoid anti-drug propaganda I despise. You need to get real scientific information. And here's a scoop, the DEA lies.

Your problem sounds like obsessive-compulsive personnality disorder with a bit of narcissism and paranoia thrown in for good measure.

Drugs that help with OCD (SSRIs and Anafranil)could help you if you don't consider drug therapy "evil". Sorry if I sound unsympathetic but, frankly, that's because I am unsympathetic.

I sense a "Please be civil" warning coming for some reason.

> I read where people were soaking tea leaves or marijuana and cigerettes in "embalming fliud" and they call it "wet" or "illie".
> Those people start having auditory, visual and tactile hallucinations. They say it gives you the same thing as pcp and pcp is mixed with it sometime. Some people just soak electrical tape in the fluid and sell it.
> The people almost die everytime they smoke it and they like the feeling of that. They get naked, and start thinking people are out to get them and try to kill themself.
> Has anyone everdid that on here and survived to tell their experience and please also say why you did it.
> Were you scared did you hallucinate? It's supposed to be popular now;to have pcp mixed with marijuana now.
> I heard one guy on here say he smoked pot as I was reading.I am glad I can't be around smoke I have asthma.
> I am so afraid what my kids might be offered when they get older.
> They even said to be careful around here the elementary schools because older kids were giving out superhero looking stamps coated with LSD, and they were telling the kids, they were tattoos, to lick and stick on their skin. Can you imagine the evilness out there?
> LSD too, I have read can give you flashbacks.
> 3 kids died over here in florida because some kid found and gave out some pretty blue rocks and they sucked on them and died, it was rat poison.
> Does that make anyone else worry, sometimes I feel like I have to save the world because no one has faith in God anymore? I am narcissistic and dominant natured. Is that an OCD? Or something else worse. I dont go thru rituals like OCD's. My mind did race more before.
> I have never been diagnosed, so what does this panel think about my condition, at least I am honest with myself. I control many things at work and home...but I don't believe I am god. I thought I was going be a nun at one point in my life to help people, but I like make-up and being pretty too, so that was out. I do think I am always right and people say I usually am. I am female.
> any suggestions? please help!
> -DN (dom and Nars)
> e-mail me if you want.




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