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Re: Brain Hemisphere Switching-more WHAT if's

Posted by susan C on July 30, 2001, at 14:14:20

In reply to Re: Brain Hemisphere Switching-more WHAT if's susan C, posted by Mitch on July 30, 2001, at 13:00:18

Building left Brain Power by Bragdon and Gamon got me thinking on this idea of right left business and has info on studies of people whose brains were surgically separated (to keep big Epileptic seizure from traveling to other side) One hand slapped face, because one side of brain was awake and wanted to wake up other side...very interesting info when combined with webside mentioned earlier.. I think if only we could really record carefully what we experience, we could find answers. I find your comparison to the two different combo of med and how you felt very interesting. The other day I was talking with spouse and said, you remember 15 years ago we were doing this and I felt this way, well, that is the same way I felt a week ago....the same thing was happening. I know something is going on in my brain. I have gotten that far. I know there isn't very much information yet, and I am trying not to give up. Thanks for the conversation. I look forward to more when ever you have some ideas.

> > More ideas? Just that we have a black box on top of our shoulders. My husband has lazy eye, and didnt go to eye doc until 40 year old. doc said he was basically blind in that eye, as oposit eye did all the work (that is when the lazy eye moved toward his nose) If he were younger, they would have done an operation on the muscles, but now he is too old. I wonder if part of all of this bipolar business, brain process business is perceptual. Now, perceptual is a catchall term. In Psycho babble social there was a very good comment on vincint vangogh. and society accepting rejectng perceptions outside of norm. I guess I am rambling...what is normal. I just know I get very depressed and very manicand it disrupts my life. Bear with me, I am dizzy right now, I am trying Keppra and going to go add a entry to my journal, then go lie down. i am going to come back and read your post again, it needs more thought. Thanks I like the ideas.
> >
> Well..
> I have got a couple more ideas! I was just wondering if each hemisphere can have different levels of consciousness. What if one side stays dominant too long (the "switch" get stuck) because the other hemisphere is *sleepy* or not quite awake yet-asleep at the wheel?? Or what if "control" is shared at differing *rates* at different times of the day?? After drinking about three strong cups of coffee and taking my Neurontin+Depakote my eyes are back "together" again and my thinking cleared up.
> I noticed when I was on Adderall+Neurontin how "contrasted" my awake time and my asleep time was. I never woke up in the middle of the nite-didn't have trouble going to sleep and it didn't take me half the morning to WAKE UP (that is classic ADHD there). Even BEFORE I took my Adderall dose in the morning, I would just blink my eyes a few times-yawn once or twice and get right out of bed and was nearly fully awake within a short time.
> This is another stretch, but what if one hemisphere experienced something like a "drop-attack" like narcoleptics have and the other side had to take over trying to do ALL of the functions instead of sharing back and forth quickly-like a pilot and a copilot?
> Here's another one-what if while you are asleep one hemisphere "wakes up" and the other one doesn't?? I wonder how all of this would be implicated in sleep study?? I swear my daily moods EXACTLY mirror my sleep/wake quality and structure. Hey, if we have "two" minds, couldn't they get *asynschronous* with one another regard to level of function creating the "stuck switch" phenomena??
> Oh, you originally were asking some questions about what good is it to look and find abnormalities if it doesn't really "change anything". Well...experience does *rewire* your brain. Maybe this could result in some interesting new *psychotherapies* that may have diddly to do with talking about your problems, etc. or not even resemble CBT at all, for instance. I found some tidbit of info way back on Medscape about using a metronome to treat ADHD. Also new meds might be created that go beyond just "targeting receptors". What about right or left brain *selective* meds (if that is possible)??
> Enough for now,
> Any neuroscientists out there jump in!
> Mitch




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