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Re: withdrawal should be paid for by Wyeth-Ayerst

Posted by Kes on July 25, 2001, at 15:57:06

In reply to Re: withdrawal should be paid for by Wyeth-Ayerst, posted by italnprnss on July 25, 2001, at 14:17:30

I respect your comments, and have not thought of suing anyone. However, I and many people have taken various antidepressents and simply put this sort of severe withdrawel from an "antidepressent" is not supposed to happen. You may notice that there are not sites and message boards dedicated to "severe" withdrawel from other similar medications. I have always been told about the possible side effects of any medicine givin to me and possible withdrawel. However I was never told to expect what I am going through at the moment, nor does the literature concerning effexor express the severity associated with coming off it. FDA has suggested and also logic suggests that the company did not expect this to happen, yet that does not take away any responsibility from the company. This is a very serious matter. In my particular case, so you may understand perhaps a bit better, the reason I became concerned about effexor in the first place is the following:
I was to take effexor twice a day, and over the past two years while on it, I noticed (besides the side effects of the drug itself - which I had read about) that I often felt dizzy, sharp shooting pains into the head, throwing up etc. etc. This would happen from time to time and I could not figure it out. Finally I figured it out.
It is stated in using effexor that if you forget to take a dose you should waite to take the the next dose. I of course followed what the doctor and literature said regarding effexor. From time to time I would forget to take a dose and wait till my next dose. This is when I would experience these very frightening and severe symptoms. Of course it never ever occured to me that it was because of the missed dose. I eventually discovered that this is what was causing the problem. I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not but often people have to change medications from time to time. This has been my experience, about every two years. I have taken Nortriptyline and Serzone and Zoloft. All of which have helped for long periods of time. I never ever once experienced this awful physical suffering because of missing one dose on any of those three medications. And most certainly I did not experience anything like the hell I am going through at the moment when I went off those medications. When I went off those medications it was a standard procedure of going off them over an extended period of time. Doing it over an extended period of time as suggested by the doctor, prevented any sort of withdrawel. This my friend is not normal, I mean what is happening with effexor. I would certainly be relieved (so as not to see any single person in the future go through such torture) to see effexor of the market.

With all due respect,

> > It seems everyone is looking for someone to sue. Everyone makes their own decisions regarding prescription medication - and there is sufficient information out there on Effexor side effects and withdrawals. I know because I researched it BEFORE I started taking it, which sounds like what you should have done. There are a huge number of success stories out there for people on Effexor, can you put a price on that? Get over it, there are risks and side effects with almost any medication out there. You put it into your own body.
> My question is this why are you so angry? you sound like a person on a mission, relax be supportive everyone needs to vend out their frustration and these are suppose to be the outlets for it, but let's to it respectively.




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