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Re: I think Celexa makes me worse.

Posted by Mitch on May 28, 2001, at 1:00:33

In reply to I think Celexa makes me worse., posted by chloe on May 27, 2001, at 18:22:07


Experiencing similar troubles that you have described. I would try suggesting a non-SSRI AD (in LOW doses)that you haven't tried before-after stopping the Celexa. I tell you, if I could tolerate Adderall or Wellbutrin I would be GLAD to take either of those again. I had *NO CYCLING*, NO dysthymia, and plenty of energy and attentiveness, but made me too panicky (maybe if I could have stuck with them longer+CBT+benzo?)

I have and heard of others having trouble with SSRI's aggravating *dystonias* of neck/tongue/back muscles, etc. SSRI's may not be your AD of choice-you might be better off with an MAOI. I wish I could get low-dose transdermal patches (you don't have to worry about diet) of Parnate/Nardil/Marplan to try out. My pdoc is scared of all MAOI's. Fat chance of getting moclobemide from Canada...
The Lamictal could be a real good possibility, that is if you are not taking an AD and are also taking another mood stabilizer with it (esp. Neurontin or Topamax). I would be interested in ditching SSRi's and trying it as a substitute in my case. I just have a few noted skin reactions to previous other meds, though.

Good luck,

> Mitch,
> The long story is:
> I had been on Zoloft for about 4 years and it had long pooped out and was making me edgy and anxious. (That seems to be a theme with me and SSRI's. I had the same problem with Prozac.) So I tried Serzone for 8 weeks and all I got were side effects, hot flashes/chills, sedation, anger, but not relief from depression. So I went without an AD for 2 and 1/2 months. I was ok for about 6 weeks. Then my energy level started to wane, and I wasn't able to do much exact the minimum. But at least I was stable! But, every once in a while, for a brief moment, I would passively wish I were dead. Nothing to worry about really, compared to now.
> So for a couple months I did well on a mood stabilizer (Trileptal) and a benzo. But to prevent "spiraling down," my pdoc added Celexa, first 2mgs, then after a week up to 4 (I am extremely sensitive to meds). The first week was wonderful with positive thoughts and unbounding energy. But soon I crashed. And never really recovered. I only became plagued with anxiety. And the suicidal feelings became very strong. So three days ago, I pushed the Celexa up to 5 mgs, and that was it. After two days on 5, I was a rigid, tremulous, suicidal, hopeless wreck. But also very tired and foggy.
> So yesterday I took 2 and 1/2 and today I took 2 mgs. And I am feeling better already. I still have anxiety and a very short fuse. But the suicidal thoughts are better. I am really wondering if the ssri's are making me worse. Or at least Celexa makes me worse. And I have no ambition to go back to Zoloft or Prozac. I hate the pressured, tense feeling on these meds. I don't know how I took it for so many years, other than I was taking Mellaril until 2 years ago. Which I think really took the edge off. All AP's are not an option for me now that I have persistant tongue movements from years of using Mellaril. It very sad. It was a very useful med. Too bad AP's are so damned dangerous when used on a regular, long term basis.
> So it seems to me, that I was better off before I started the Celexa. But I do need a *little* something to enhance my mood. Or I get very dull and energyless.
> So my question is, could Lamictal work as my mood stabilizer/AD? I always have a very short fuse, so I have needed a mood stabilizer to keep my anger in check. If one had the added bonus of an AD, I think I would be all set.
> But I have to say again, I think I am unipolar. And I don't know how well Lamictal works for that. ANd I don't know how useful it is for anger and irritibility. I have a pdoc appointment on Wed. I hope she can answer some of my Q's. Changing meds is extremely difficult for me, so if there is little chance it will work, I am not sure I want to put my body through another change.
> There has to be something better than this mix!
> Thanks for asking. And I hope you can find a way to feel more stable, too!
> Chloe




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